Doorbell camera catches slip and fall on ice.


Needed to go to the store and didn’t realize how slick it was. Lucky for you my security caught it on camera 🤣😂#icestorm #falls #fail #bitesthedust #ice #trip #butt #fall #fell #frontporch #sidewalk #monsterfails #frozenfails #funnyfails #failarmy #epicfail

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Danny’s parents are dead and he lives in a trailer with his Grandma who recently was scammed into spending all of his money buying a massive satellite dish that gets 7400 channels, tips the trailer and causes him to sleep at a 30-degree angle. The trailer company is foreclosing and his law school won’t allow another loan. What will Danny do…break the law?
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slip fall

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8 thoughts on “Doorbell camera catches slip and fall on ice.”

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  3. ShoNuff says:

    Plot twist the dog peed there and set her up 🤣

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  5. Destiny Castillo says:

    Lol that's really funny 😂😂😂😂😋

  6. Boner Magee says:

    The dog has the right idea.

  7. Samantha Collela says:

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