Domestic Violence Defense

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What is domestic violence? What happens in Court? What is an arraignment? What is bond? What is the penalty for domestic violence? Should I plead guilty? What are the defenses to domestic violence?

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  1. Thank you for your insight. I went to trial and was found not guilty of the domestic charge. They served me with a epo/dvo that did not list my home address in the specifications. I went home to my house thinking she wasn’t going to be there and I got convicted of the epo/dvo. Is there anything I can do?

  2. My cousin torrey smith got lock up last august he just did 6 years for domestic violence he learned his lesson he been locked up since last august his ex girlfriend lied to police he beat her up he didnt do nothing but grab her wrist cause she was punchin him in his face he got charge with false imprisonment felony h domestic abuse domestic abuse repeater substantial batter intend body harm felony i domestic abuse domestic abuse repeater stragulation and suffocation felony h disordely conduct mismendor his last plea hearing may 10 th in milwaukee Wisconsin will the charges get drop or is he gettin alot of time his parole officwr revocated him til December 2020 i was out of town on vacation when my cousin called last august sayin what happen so i wasnt there idk what really happen im just going off what he telling me over ja calls n letters but his ex girlfriend already went to his mom house said she lied and she just had my cousin baby but the state of Wisconsin pushing the charges

  3. All these domestic abuse laws (which are now increasingly common throughout the Western world) are intended to destroy families or prevent people marrying in the first place. They are "bury the white race" laws. Where there is actual assault existing law deals with that.

  4. My ex kicked my ass so I had her arrested. Finally went to court psychiatrist said she's incompetent to stand trial even though she did stand trial she's walking Scott free. I wasted my time

  5. This is an area of law where I would propose that legislation is needed to hold people (particularly women) liable for what turn out to be unsubstantiated claims, along the lines of the "abuse of process" tort. I'd also propose a three strikes rule- Prohibiting people from making these types of claims summarily after having made several unsubstantiated claims. What are your thoughts on this?

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