Does a Pre-Existing Medical Condition Disqualify You from Workers Compensation


Are you eligible for Georgia workers’ compensation benefits if your injury was an aggravation of a pre-existing medical condition?

Most people do not understand how the workers compensation system in Georgia addresses pre-existing conditions and there is a good chance that your employer may offer incorrect information.

As I discuss in this video, you can collect workers’ compensation benefits for a re-injury to a previously damaged body part. For example, if you hurt your low back five years ago, received treatment and returned to work, and just re-injured your back, you are eligible for the same benefits as you would get if your injury was entirely new.

If your employer, an insurance adjuster or a workers’ compensation doctor tells you that you cannot collect work injury benefits due to a pre-existing condition, that information is simply wrong.

Your employer may have a full or partial defense to your claim if you lied about a pre-existing condition in a pre-employment physical and associated paperwork, but that is a different question.

The damage caused by the original injury will be accounted for when your workers’ compensation doctor prepares a #PPD (permanent partial disability) rating.

Questions about settlement value in cases where there were pre-existing conditions can be confusing and you probably should seek legal advice about these issues. If I can be of service, please call me. #preexistingcondition #preexistingconditionsandworkerscompensation #workerscompensationsettlements #backinjuriesgeorgiaworkerscompensation #atlantaworkerscompensation
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One thought on “Does a Pre-Existing Medical Condition Disqualify You from Workers Compensation”

  1. bill thompson says:

    Ma'am I have immense respect for you. You are an absolute wealth of knowledge.
    I'll bet when you go into court against those workmens comp crooks and their "doctors", You put the FEAR OF GOD in them.

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