Divorce Coaching – How to Get Legal Help When You Can’t Afford to Retain a Lawyer [109]

As lawyers, we want to be able to help everyone. Unfortunately, there are two things that prevent that: finances and time. For those that cannot afford a lawyer, lawyers will try to help with “pro bono” legal services. The limitation is that lawyers can only take on one or two at a time, because they still have to pay their own bills.

Fortunately, there is another option, but many do not know about it. It comes in many names: Divorce Coaching; Ala Carte Legal Services; and Un-bundled Legal Services. You can obtain legal advice from a lawyer on your case without actually retaining him or her.

In this show, Leh Meriwether and Todd Orston, partners in the Divorce Law Firm of Meriwether & Tharp, LLC, break down what that might look like. We discuss how to use a lawyer on a consultation-only basis to help you make good decisions during your divorce. We break down the key points in the divorce process where it would be most helpful to meet with your Divorce Lawyer Coach.

Todd and Leh also discuss the mechanics of divorce coaching and how to best interact with your lawyer to get the most out of every consultation.

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