Divorce Clinic

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Are you struggling to cope with a breakup, heartbreak or maybe even a divorce? Hear real life breakup stories and the advice given by Sara Davison – The Divorce Coach. You can get your questions answered with Sara by emailing her sara@saradavison.com Subject SaraTV. Sara will answer your questions in her show so you get the information you need to start to feel better and move on with your life. Visit www.saradavison.com for more information on coaching, retreats and coach training programmes with Sara.
Video Rating: / 5

divorce clinic

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  1. Thankssss Soooo much for your time doing this video!!!! I am finally Freeeee Because of this video!!!! Thanks a Million… stay bless

  2. Sara great video but please remember there are three sides to any story, her side, his side and the actual truth.

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