Disposable Vape Pen Taken Apart

In this video I have taken apart a disposable vaporizer pen in order to show its internal parts. Some vaporizer pens might be constructed differently. Name of the manufacturer is unknown. I feel most are designed in a similar fashion. Also there are a few tips on how to ensure your disposable vape pen doesn’t get clogged.

See how to take apart in this link:

I made a mistake in the video and called the rosin by the wrong thing and called it resin by mistake. Just know the two are different. Resin is residual build-up and rosin is the smokable product.

In order to take apart the vape pen I pretty much had to sever the connections so be weary if you try to take yours apart you will probably do the same thing.

Getting the chamber out was difficult to do on this one.

It would appear as if the clog happens where the rosin gets burned. Every haul creates a little more resin gum that seems to fill the air cavity. Some rosins are thicker than others too contributing to clogs. Warming it up a bit (holding it against a hot air vent, hair dryer what have you) it will loosen up the resin and rosin enough for air passage. It does tend to cool down quickly when you haul and pass air through the unit again. Tends to want to seal back up.

It should go without saying but DO NOT put it in the microwave.

Careful not to let it get hot too hot as to possibly melt anything and cause damage. Do not leave directly on stove elements or allow heat source to make pen too hot to touch. If it’s too hot to even touch then you have gone too far. Probably a decent rule of thumb. Don’t want to be smoking plastic now. It sucks… Trust me😆


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  1. man youtube hates this video… i can watch any other video without problem, but this one is a slide show… liiteraly like checked 3 times

  2. Oh gosh, I was at my wit's end trying to fix a brand new disposable pen and saw your comment on using a hair dryer to melt the resin, worked like a charm. Thank you so much!

  3. Would have been a better if you actually showed everyone how to take the thing apart not when it was already a part and what was inside. If you were going to do that you should have said "this is the internal parts of a vape pen", not "disposable vape pen take apart"…… Because clearly we did not watch you take it apart.

  4. i got a beboe pen that started blinking recently, I think the battery is dead. Any tips on how to get the oil out?

  5. Can that battery blow up if I take couple disposable pens with me on the plane to India ? I’m gonna put em in my check in but kinda scared of it blowing up lol

  6. I have the Zen Tank disposable… Newer style without a button. I can unscrew the tip to access the tank. Does this mean I can refill it with a cheaper concentrate or is there a downside to doing that?

  7. Dude so I have a pen that’s literally full of thc but the light is blinking meaning the battery ran out (I think) it’s an open vape (ovape) disposable pen. Can I just replace the circular battery at the bottom? Idk what battery it is but I can’t throw this away. It’s literally full a waste of money😭 please help my guy

  8. My pen is full of thc but not hitting. Battery doesn’t flash so i don’t think it’s dead. Any tips? Trying to use this thing

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