Discovery in Foreclosure Cases…The Wells Fargo Discovery Case

Discovery in Foreclosure Cases...The Wells Fargo Discovery Case

The subject of my recent appeal in Griffin v. Wells Fargo

Discovery Abuse in Foreclosure Cases

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4 thoughts on “Discovery in Foreclosure Cases…The Wells Fargo Discovery Case”

  1. IF those documents are valid for Wells Fargo, why not use them against them. IF they cant be read, then they are to your interpretation for them to defend, right? I would have a field making out incriminating statements, just to see them explaining why what you make up is not true. Or better yet, claim you had them re-created by Russian experts who cannot appear in court. Make them look like the assholes they are. but then again, I am an advocate for community rights who simply hates lawyers abuse of process, not a lawyer.

  2. I learn from these vids. I have used discovery and it has been a fantastic aid for my case. Plaintiff admits they gave the note away and assigned away the mortgage! Now they have no standing. I did two rounds of discovery and then prepared a "findings of fact and conclusion of law." Used discovery items. 

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