Dinah Rose on legal aid cuts

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Taken from the Intelligence Squared event “Magna Carta: Myth and Meaning”. The event can be watched in full here: https://youtu.be/jm1FrTO2aOg.

Filmed at the Royal Institution of Great Britain on 5th February 2015.
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One thought on “Dinah Rose on legal aid cuts”

  1. Access to "Justice" and the overwhelming evidence that "Justice" is only available if you can pay for it is precisely why the US has become a land of debtor's prisons run by the corporate penal institution which receives it's continuous stream of "human resource" (prisoners) via the American Justice system. A great snake feeding itself from it's locally-grown resource of the very tax-payers that fund it's existence. The greatest crimes – those affecting the greatest number of people – are committed by wealthy individuals and corporate entities who are, in the end, the only defendants that can afford "Justice" and ultimately, get away with their crime (bankers and Wall Street Hedge-fund managers, polluters, poisoners (Big Pharma), manufacturers whose products kill) because Justice is blind to crimes committed within it's system of bribery that includes our law-makers in Washington.

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