DENIED Green Card After Spouse Filed For Me; USA Immigration Lawyer (2018)

DENIED Green Card After Spouse Filed For Me!


What are some of the things you should think about if your Green Card petition is denied? This video discusses issues facing spousal petitions. Watch to get ideas for how to handle such a denial!


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20 thoughts on “DENIED Green Card After Spouse Filed For Me; USA Immigration Lawyer (2018)”

  1. My son became Ill so he came to the Bahamas to get help. My denial is based on proof of his domicile in the us. He has medical and other documents of his domicile in the us. How can we cure this situation. None of these documents were asked for in advance.

  2. Me and my wife are in the middle of a divorce. She went to India and filmed herself cheating on me. The guy new she was/is married. She is still planning on trying to get him over here to the USA and he is using are immigration process by marriage to get in here faster. Is there any way his application can be denied being he committed the crime of adultery before coming here?

  3. My father is LPR Had Petition for me in F2B category and we got E-mail from uscis that On November 28, 2016, we received your Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, Receipt Number WAC1790092036, and sent you the receipt notice that describes how we will process your case. But till the date we didn’t receive any notice and I want to know whether my case is approved or not ?

  4. Hello Mcbean I have F4 uscis visa I have been here for 3 years I went to home just last year to get married to my childhood sweetheart and I stayed for 5 months. Am looking forward to bring my husband here. What’s should I do next ?Should I wait for 5 years to apply for citizenship or should I apply for citizenship now in my 3rd year? Or apply for a fiancée visa so he can move here how long with all of these take? And what is my best option pls advice me. Am currently living in Ohio

  5. I applied for my husband i-130 petition for alien relative. .
    I'm green card holder of USA. Now it's been 17th month USCIS accept my case on 6th October 2017 but still I don't get the approval. .
    Why I don't get NOA2 ??
    And when I will get the approval do you have any idea??

  6. How can you thank god after denying islam?. Your country is hotspot of evil.evil people.your people dont wanna see other cultures.they have one-way street minds.usa lose and waste so much.extremely much after all they deny greencards?.maybe that would be much better for applicants. Noone can stand those life..people

  7. I have asked for your contact but no reply. Do you just make videos to advise people but don’t render immigration services?

  8. If had Grand larceny felony case before,Am I still eligible for green card,if use Waiver though my spouse while apply I30? Or asylum?

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