Defense to Blame for Personal Injury Trials

Why do Defense Attorneys want to blame plaintiff’s attorneys for the trial, the length of the trial, the cost of the trial and then call us greedy? The answer is that they don’t have anyone else to blame and if they told the truth they would have to blame themselves!
The only reason that plaintiff’s lawyers have work is that the defense industry is so awful..they won’t offer people one half of what they are entitled to. So when them come to us, plaintiff’s attorneys, it is worthwhile to them. Even if they get only 100% of what they are entitled to thru our work, they walk away with 60%…maybe. And that is better than nothing. Most clients have tried to resolve the problem themselves, often with very modest requests or demands and the insurance people insult them. They lie to them and get caught. They treat them with utter disrespect in every way imaginable. Most people who work for insurance companies don’t sign up for any ethical criteria. They can do anything they want as long as they say NO.
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