Dating Advice for Entrepreneurs – How to Eliminate /Reduce Child Support The Power of LLC/ Trusts

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20 thoughts on “Dating Advice for Entrepreneurs – How to Eliminate /Reduce Child Support The Power of LLC/ Trusts”

  1. women are wolves in sheeps clothing.
    there are millions of men who have the same story accept they dont have any "evidence"

    courts will not change these practices until men who arr in these kind of situations stsrt commiting suicide because the stress of it all is too much.

  2. damn your babymother sounds exactly like mine i wish i would have found this video 2 month ago gud imformation bro respectπŸ’―

  3. The government see women as a source of revenue which is why they give woman more power than men. They use the best interest of the child as an excuse to force, keep and bleed men dry of earned income.

  4. A woman also have the right to lie about using birth control. Even if she told you she was using birth control, but wasn't then get's pregnant you are still on the hook..

    FYI: Not to race bait, but this is a large urban black female issue. "small amounts of white women", but for a black man this is a serious concern for you, and your sons.

    Give your son this knowledge!!

  5. A big problem men have is their baby mama doesn't use the child support money for what it's for: she drops off their child with freshly cut & died hair, nice nails, and a new car. Yet the child hasn't eaten breakfast, has no socks, and is wearing worn out shoes. If the father could give a supermarket gift card for food, a baby gap or old navy gift card for clothes, and maybe a little money for rent (mom should be paying for her own rent), they would feel better about the money they are giving, instead of feeling they are participating in court appointed extortion!

  6. Got another story.
    My wife and her cousins came into a large inheritance a year ago. Her cousin got broke off after probated. At least 300k.
    He had some child support issues like several yrs back. This dude went to his oldest son's home. Brought him some Jordan's, television, back packs and some other stuff, selling wolf tickets( mistake).
    Long story short. 2 weeks later his accounts got frozen.
    After 3 months of fighting the state of Arkansas child division. The state would not release 200k and he received like $75,000 with a fat ass lawyer fee to pay.
    I had to talk him out of hiring some goons to beat her down πŸ™‚

  7. Shit it's simple. Stop sugar daddying these Thot's.
    Either they sign the prenuptial or they beat it.
    It's cheaper to keep her or the state is taking like 50% of your money and giving her 20%. The states are some crooked bastards. They steal from her, she think she's getting back at you because the states on her side tracking you down like Dog the racist bounty hunter but they're( the state) is double dipping the tour ends meet, while she's too dumb and mad at you to see it. It's happening to my brother in CA right now for the last 12 yrs and my niece is 19 yrs old.

    Game recognizes game.
    Been married for 21 yrs now.
    These state games will make you catch a case. I take the 5th on the rest of my comment.

  8. So if you have 1 child and start a trust, would the child already born be part of that trust in regards to the LLC that you start? In your course, do you touch on trusts? I have been trying to figure out how to put a LLC in a your trust after you start the LLC first before you start a trust. Also does your course talk about the legitimation papers in your course? Is legitimation papers the same as filing paternity papers?

  9. My son went to live with his dad as a teenager and I forgave the debt. I took him off child support and he filed him on gis taxes.It was only right, and he could have put me on it but he didnt. It was about helping our son

  10. Be careful, if she gets a case worker that wants to fight it can get ugly. They will make you provide paper statements of every bank transaction from the time the baby was born, personal and business accounts. They will subpoena your accountant to court to explain your transactions and books. They will subpoena everyone you every had a contract with or that issue you a 1099. They will also ask for assistance from the state revenue or IRS to audit you. Trust me I know, been there done that. She doesn't have to pay for anything, but you have to pay for your lawyer, accountant and the risk of losing contracts.

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