Criminal Attorney Explains How to Beat a Theft Charge

In this video a criminal attorney explains how to beat a theft charge. This could be a shoplifting court case, a theft charge from Walmart, grand theft charges, or a petty theft charge. Visit for more information about how to beat a theft charge in court and criminal attorneys in Bryan-College Station, TX.

This video considers how to beat a theft case by challenging identity, intent, consent, and search and seizure issues.

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About This Video:
In this video, criminal attorney Stephen Gustitis describes how to beat a theft charge by challenging the key components of the prosecutor’s case. This could be a shoplifting court case, a theft charge from Walmart, grand theft charges, or a petty theft charge. Steve is a Texas Board Certified Criminal Defense Lawyer practicing in Bryan-College Station, Texas. He has more than 28 years of experience in the field of criminal law and criminal defense in Brazos County. His videos cover a range of the best defense tactics and criminal defense strategies, including how to beat a theft charge. #theftcharges #gustitislaw #defendingtheft
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17 thoughts on “Criminal Attorney Explains How to Beat a Theft Charge”

  1. My brother stole a case of beer from a speedway and later they charged him.. they have him on camera anyway he can beat it?

  2. So my gf was with her friend who she didn’t know scams so the girl went to Best Buy to buy a phone which She didn’t not know she was getting buy said she was getting something but long story short my gf wasn’t with her at the the girl was purchasing whatever . Ok so the girl ended up getting something my gf had no idea she was getting . But also my gf was thinking about getting a labtop for her new work but she didn’t end up getting anything . So the leave the store the girl got her stuff they get in the car they leave their girl said she needed to go to a phone store she told them she wanted to get something for a family member. Ok so they had to the phone place me gf went with the girl again to the phone store a officer was outside and alerted and took my gf I’d and the girls id they found suspicion of a fraud investigation . I was wondering is it a way to get out this situation?

  3. In 2018, my friends and I got charged with petty theft. It took over a year for the prosector to dismiss my criminal case. I did not submit any plea to the judge. My question is does a dismiss case show up on my record?

  4. I was walking to the coinstar with a monster, i set it on my backpack so i could walk hands free to text my friend then i saw the manager at the corner of my eye so i walked to the right slightly to give him some room then he stopped me and said i was trying to steal the energy drink when i was trying to go to coinstar infront of the store and then i got charged with it trying to explain my side. I’m really scared and don’t know what to do. Can you please give me advice? Ive never done anything this is my first time offense and i dont know what to do i dont have enough money for lawyers

  5. Good day sir. I have case which I have to go to court for probably cause for stealing a iPad in a restaurant. Trust me I did not do this. I have been question by the police twice and they let me go. The second time I met with the police and I should have they integrated me and show me pictures of me in the restaurant during the time the iPad was stolen. I looked at each of these pictures and neither one of them show me stealing a iPad. Like I said they let me go and I was Informed that I have to appear in court for probably cause of stealing the iPad I think I pissed that detective off during my second interview because I told him those pictures do not prove anything and he told me he could take this to court
    So I guess we go to court. I am thinking about hiring me a criminal lawyer and I plan to plead not guilty. Any advice

  6. Question, so I was in Walmart with my cousin, and we was getting items. We were purchasing the items separately. We went to self check out, I scanned the same shirt twice on accident, thinking I scanned the other shirt I had next to it, thinking both shirts scanned. I had both tags lined up together thinking both would go through.My cousin on the other hand thought it be a good idea for her to only swipe some of her items , me being in my phone, every time she says put item in the bag for her, after she (supposedly) scanned item, I would do it. Soon as we are walking out, I notice on my receipt that I scanned the same shirt twice, before I could go back, the manager Approach’s us saying we stole stuff, I know I didn’t, but I knew she did. So they charged both of us with shoplifting when I wasn’t the one who was stealing. They said because we were together. I really don’t want this on my record because I want to be social worker. I don’t wanna go down for something she did. The items she didn’t pay for was 201.06.

  7. I own a cleaning business and last year I had a client behind on over $300+ of past due cancellation fees and late fees for non payment. Came to clean and she didn't leave a check for me yet again. I was frustrated and took $200 from a bedside table that was there. I also looked in her safe before the bedside table as the key was on the shelf in plain sight but I didn't take anything from the safe. In the bedside table there was thousands of dollars and I only took what I was owed and once done with the cleaning I texted her and let her know that she still owed me for my cleaning hours. I was pulled over and asked about the money I took from table because it was caught on camera. I admitted to it and explained that the woman was behind on payments. I plead guilty to the misdemeanor theft. Fast forward four months later I was charged with a felony as the same woman claimed $16k was missing from her safe and said it went missing in the months I cleaned for her. Even though I was on camera opening her safe and took nothing from it they're charging me on the fact that I had access. My car and house were searched and no money was found. My bank records show nothing suspicious. They also contacted all my clients from my records they took from my house and an old client claimed she was missing money from June 1, 2018. She's claiming $3,800. I cleaned for her until I dropped her as a client in Aug. She never filed a police report to the missing money and I cleaned for her for three months after the cleaning and she never even mentioned the theft. The day she claims the money went missing I was not even scheduled to be there that day. So now I have 2 felony charges. Do I take this to trial?? Can a jury convict on this evidence??

  8. What if the police searched your car without a search warrant can the evidence they found still be used in court ?

  9. Yesterday my cousin told me to give her a ride to target so I went with her. She’s the one who walked in with a big black bag but I didn’t think anything of it. She told me to come in the fitting room with her I did, she started taking everything out her the boxes and stuffing them in her bag she told me to put on a shirt I put it on idk why that was a big red flag and at that moment I should’ve walked out and which I did try but she got upset so it came down for her to walk out. She walked out and I went to the bathroom cause I had to use it when I was walking out a guy was following her and he stopped me and told me to tell my cousin to come back with all his merchandise. She did but she tried playing dumb. So now we both have a court date and I’m not quilty because it wasn’t my idea, I didn’t walk in with a bag and I didn’t walk out with a bag it was all her fault but because I was with her I put myself in that situation. And she got a call saying they were pressing charges on her but I didn’t get a call from anyone thank God

  10. Good day Sir, I was just wondering if you could give advice. My brother who works as a barman at club recently got suspended. He also works as a till operator/cashier. They are claiming that he stole money from the till and that they have this on a cctv footage which he has not seen and they are also saying that all his cash ups are always short. But when all cashiers do their balancing of cash they do it under a managees supervision which is also signed and checked by him/her. They issued him with a suspension letter which he has not signed yet until they show him any proof of the accusations made by the company. Please advise

  11. I committed a new crime and I’m still on probation. It was theft of a purse I did it in the city I live in but my probation is in the county i was released from.

  12. The other night the clerks at a gas station were super slow to the point the time to be able to purchase beer had passed. I grabbed some cans, and slapped down a five and walked out. How much trouble could I be in?

  13. The offence, commercial burglary, happened in June of 2013. An arrest warrant was issued in February of 2014 (they had the warrant in my twin brothers name, at first).
    I got arrested on August of 2019, more than 6 years after the incident. I never left the state and didn't try to hide. After release, before any court case, the case was nolle prosequi – dismissed without prejudice. Can they reinstate the charges in district court, like I have seen with a lot of felony cases here in New Mexico, even though the statute of limitations have expired for the crime? In NM the SOL is 5 or 6 years for this crime. It has been longer than 6 years since the date the supposed crime happened. They think I broke into a room in the Metropolitan Courthouse, in the middle of the day, mind you, and stole a empty manila envelope from the storage room. Of course I didn't.
    I understand that durning the warrant, there is no SOL, but it seems, once it got dismissed the SOL are back in play and since it has expired they shouldn't be able to refile because the statute of limitations have passed.

  14. What if you gave back the stolen item to the owner and the owner has now kept it under their possession is that still theft. I have a court date tomorrow and I’m trying to wrap my head around this.

  15. Question I'm fasing two thirft charges where I thought what I was taking was allowed I thought it was something we have here in town called a free box but now I know it wasnt but as soon as i was approached by the cops with two thift tickets i returned the items with a letter explaining my confusion and apologizing.. can I use the borrow defense?

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