Crash video: Overland Park, Kansas, police release footage of SUV running into children

The Overland Park, Kansas, police department have released a video showing an SUV plowing into a group of school children waiting to cross at 87th and Grant Street.

Four of the five children were injured in the crash and all were in stable condition by the afternoon of Oct. 25. Two of the drivers also went to the hospital for minor injuries.

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21 thoughts on “Crash video: Overland Park, Kansas, police release footage of SUV running into children”

  1. Looks like the guy in the SUV laid down out of fear/remorse/dread of what just happened. Who here has never run a yellow-red light by accident or intentionally?

  2. No doubt the idiot in the SUV was probably testing or talking on their phone..
    SUV also was trying to run a RED light
    Idiot in the car also tried to run a RED light
    Throw the book at both those fools..

  3. There is SO much wrong here, including a driver running a red light to go around the accident! Unbelievable! Sadly, yet another example of why we now have a camera in our car!

  4. We should start a big brother system to walk these kids to and from school each day to make sure they get to and from safe. I get it that some parents have jobs that conflict with their child's school schedule and I think something like that should be brought up to the schools. These children are precious and we need them to be safe at all times!!! I live EXACTLY a few blocks right down the street from where this happened.. It's a shame because I see people blow through that light all the time… I'm praying for all individuals and families going through this situation right now. I pray to God that those babies are ok!

  5. OMG!!! See that's exactly why I hate when people try to beat the light!!!! Not only that but the person turning must've not been watching either!!!

  6. Both SUVs that hit the fusion are at fault for running a red light and not reacting to the yellow light appropriately as stated in the Kansas driver manual, page 34.

  7. Wow when someone hit me at the Metcalf and college intersection and drove off the police told me the camera doesn't have the resolution to see a car tag. Wow that is a dam nice video. Guess the lazy ass op police did not want to pull the tape.

  8. White people are the worse drivers ever. More car accidents happen at the hands of whites more than any other group. If anybody needs automated driving it IU s them

  9. The suv that hit the fusion is at fault.
    The light had been yellow for several seconds. Given the rate of speed, it's clear the suv was not in the intersection yet. Therefore if we defer to the Kansas driving manual, page 34, the suv should not have even attempted to enter the intersection while the light was yellow. The red fusion was attempting to clear the intersection before the light turned red, which is the rule in the handbook on page 34, therefore is not in violation.

  10. Welcome to the ENTIRE kansas city metro. Speed up and pass through on red… Feels like every month now there's a kid getting hit or dying because people live above the law.

  11. All 3 drivers were at fault here. Slow down people before you kill someone and have to live with it the rest of your life!

  12. Honestly I really hope that when the girla go back to school that they dont get drowned with questions so I'm really going to try to stop that from happening because this is a scary event

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