Cleveland tenants want more legal help in eviction cases

Some Cleveland tenants are hoping more legal help is on the way that will help them in dealing with problem landlords.
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The following video will help answer some of your questions about landlord and tenant law. When you rent a house or an apartment you enter into a legal contract, As a tenant you have certain rights and responsibilities. Insights In Michigan Law is a weekly video series to help those with legal questions during these challenging times.
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21 thoughts on “Cleveland tenants want more legal help in eviction cases”

  1. My apartment manager didnt tell me my rent went up for 5months and now wants me to pay all the back..whem i ask her why she hadn't notify me about the rent going up she said im new to the job and make there anything i can do

  2. Can a landlord ask a tenant who has not paid any rent to remove themselves from one area in the house to another orlando fl

  3. Can land lord do an inspection with out 24 hours notice in Minnesota if it not on the lease? I rent an apartment. They change the lease with out telling me and now I am getting lease violation. Can they do that?

  4. Here’s my question I have left on this property for four years with my mother-in-law and my wife and my sister-in-law I’ve taken care of two kids and I have been doing nonstop fixing on this property I fixed five cars on this property and I pay my rent and this lady called me her Nager because she used to have one when she was a kid so she said I’m her new white Nager redo that she had before was Knigge Dorothy and that’s how I ever met any heard anything of this no I spent $4000 to come down here from California and she told me I was going to move into a Doublewide
    I moved into a room and then afterwards what she has done is made sure that my life is a living hell I’ve had to go to the bathroom outside I have to shower outside I can’t use the washer and dryer and I can’t useAnything I built this house in the back I spent 2500 on it my dad knows my mom knows and My Wife knows and my sister-in-law has seen me all built this house together I’ve documented it I’ve took in pictures of everything from me starting from the beginning into the end I need help the cops are not helping me I’m having to use the bathroom outside My Wife is handicap and she’s using it outside as well we are both handicap but she receives Social Security where do we go from here and if you can’t can you please watch this video I don’t know how to answer or talk to you in any other way if you can please watch this video I would appreciate it I was also threaten she’s had people come over to the house to threaten me and make sure I can’t use the bathroom that’s also on the video where she’s telling a visitor that he has all rights to tell me I cannot use the bathroom so please if there’s anyway you can help me please get back to me

  5. How far can a landlord go with your rights asking for all your assets life insurance any insurance you have can they do that and I thought that was private and my bank statements to can you do that please help me

  6. A law should be made that landlords should have to return the tennant/investor money on moving or eviction,like someone selling a house they get a return on the money they invested into that property.

  7. State law and federal law statutes and ordinances cannot violate the constitution.if they do they are not legal law.

  8. If they violate your constitutional rights sue them under title 18 u.s.c. section 241 CONSPIRACY AGAINST RIGHTS and title 18 u.s.c. section 242 Deprivation of rights under color of law.
    42 1983 and 1985.

  9. Pissed af my landlord open AND UNLOCKED my door when I was sleeping 😡 they will be hearing from my lawyer THIS ISNT MY FIRST TIME THEY UNLOCK THE DOOR WITHOUT MY PERMISSION

  10. I had put down a deposit on a house three a company found out I didn’t get approved for the house now they said my deposit is nowhere to be found in their system…. what can I do

  11. Hi, I’ve been trying to find info on renting to students by the room if the house is not zoned as a boarding house? Hard to find an answer. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

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