11 thoughts on “Child Support Rules”

  1. If you pay taxes, you pay federal tax, you pay social security tax. Both of which fund child support. So forcing me to pay child support is Triple dipping for my money

  2. Oh yeah I forgot to add this to the last comment let's not forget people anyone that works in a public building which would be a court house including the judges that the public publicly elected to hold their position including your fake-ass child support

  3. Well what they would like you to believe that child support on the father's side is a gift but the last time I checked raising kids was a responsibility gifts only come twice a year Christmas and birthdays last time I checked so every dollar a dad Pulls out of his pocket is child support whether they want to recognize that as such or not child support is a fraud child support in its true form of nature is simply taking care of Your children that's the true definition of child support on both halfs of the father and the mother custodial parent or non-custodial parent money spent is support

  4. It's not so much about putting out some scratch for my daughter's benefit for eighteen years or whatever. I fully intend to be there for my girl as best as I can. I simply and "rightly" want these people to mind their business and stay out of my relationship with my daughter. I don't need them to tell me to do something that I am already doing. How can a person get them to simply go away??

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