Child Support Modification and Substantial Changes in Income | Learn About Law

Child Support Modification and Substantial Changes in Income | Learn About Law

In Illinois, a temporary child support order that has been entered while a child support proceeding is pending may be modified any time before the entry of a final judgment.  
In this episode, we discuss how to modify #IllinoisChildSupport obligations, what constitutes a “substantial change in circumstances” that would allow #ChildSupport to be modified, and when child support can be modified in Illinois. Subscribe:

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Did your child just turn 21? Watch this video by our Saratoga family lawyer to learn how the state handles terminating child support payments.

In New York State, child support runs to the age of 21. What you do when your child is about to turn 21 depends on how you are paying child support. If you have an agreement and a judgment of divorce that requires a direct payment of child support and doesn’t involve the Support Collection Unit, you can simply stop on your child’s 21st birthday –unless your agreement says support runs past that date. If it’s direct pay, you can just stop paying. If your child support is being paid through the Support Collection Unit, it would be a good idea for you to file a petition seeking to terminate child support, six to four months prior to the end date of the support obligation. You want to make sure that family court and the Support Collection Unit are on the same page and that your support will not run past the age when your child turns 21.

Jean M. Mahserjian, Esq., is a New York family law and divorce attorney in Albany, Saratoga, and the surrounding areas. If you are experiencing an issue in family law, divorce, child custody, or child support give us a call for a consultation at 518-380-2588 or visit us online at (
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12 thoughts on “Child Support Modification and Substantial Changes in Income | Learn About Law”

  1. I’m getting deducted off of an old job when I was making 14 an hour now I’m only making 9 a hour and I’m not even bringing home 180 dollars a week after child support I desperately need a modification.


  3. Thanks for the video. You didn't mention anything about increased parenting time either going up over 146 overnights or not. Does that count as a substantial change?

  4. To hell with modifying child support! Support your offspring that's a must. However do you self a favor and look up " void judgments" . Once you have a starting point the info you'll gain and not just regarding child support, but about much more. It'll probably piss ya off a bit for a second. All joking aside there is not ONE thing legal about child support. Therefore it's never been in acted into positive law. (Or void judgments) every body from of course child support enforcement agency, but according to the federal court's judge's, prosecuting attorney, clerk of the court, law enforcement ( officers) parole and probation officers, And anyone who is a member of the private members only club generally called The American Bar Association (all LAWYERS, judge's) have entered into a contract illegally, as illegal as hell but they did. According to the law ( not any codes, provisions, ordinance, policy, procedur, or statues) law sayith a judge prosiding over a case involving an agency, the judge's are merely clerks for the agency, and dose not act in judicial capasatity. In other words there employees of the agency. Everyone involved prosecuting attorney, clerk of the court, judge's, police, and public defender/ paid attorney's, etc are employed by the agency ( child support enforcement in this case) child support enforcement agency IS A PRIVATE CORPORATION. Not part of the government at all ( it's known in the federal manual of child support as " the single and separate unit") the are contracted with the executive branch of government, so he duties they preform are the duty preformed by the executive branch of government. So when these people whom preform duties of the judicial branch of government ( there day job) do anything related to or on behalf of the child support enforcement agency they are employees of the agency performing duties under the executive branch. The constitution say NO WAY! NO ONE PERSON SHALL PREFORM THE DUTIES OF MORE THAN ONE BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT AT THE SAME TIME. They are all in violation of the law, there or has, and the constitution. Bc there acting in private capacity sue there buts. And don't forget to file criminal charges against them as well. That's just one example of wrong doing, There's many many more violations there killing 12,000 American's here in the homeland each and every year. Bc every thing that they do is illegal then they rightfully and deservingly earned the title of the most prolific mass murder's in human history. They all should be in prison but not one is so it's up to you but no way not me. Also look up color of law, conspiracy to deprive of rights, depravation of rights under color of law, if you would like any more help email me. It'll be my pleasure and free of charge all day. Good day!

  5. Why would you have to pay past your Childs 21st birthday? The Law states 21, that is it, why would I be on the hook to pay anymore than what has already been established by Law in my Stipulation of Settlement and NYS Law? Sounds like a fishing expedition where an Attorney is looking to squeeze you for more cash. Legally speaking, the State can not charge you to pay more child support past the child's 21st birthday unless that child is a full time student, fully matriculating, then it goes to 22, otherwise they can not alter the Law of 21 being the age of emancipation.

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