Child Support Enforcement | How to Get Money from a Deadbeat Parent – Get Answers to Your Personal Child Support Enforcement Questions Online Now from an Expert Attorney:

This video explains the four steps you can take without a lawyer to enforce child support against a parent who owes it.

Step 1: Send a Demand Letter to show you have been trying to collect without involving the authorities.
Step 2: File a Motion to Enforce Court Order and set it for hearing. The court clerk in the county you live will have the forms you can use and assist you with setting your child support enforcement matter for hearing.
Step 3: Attend the hearing and explain to the Judge what happened and why you are there trying to seek assistance with child support enforcement.
Step 4: If he/she still refuses to comply get the family support unit of the District Attorney’s office involved for your state. You should also go back to the Judge and ask for the deadbeat to be thrown in jail for an attitude adjustment.

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Video Rating: / 5 In this episode, Attorney Brad Tengler interviews Attorney Maureen McFarland, an assistant Attorney General, who helps those receiving public aid obtain child support.
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