Caretaking 101: Legal Guardianship ||

Tips from a mother who became the guardian of her adult son, to ensure he had the best of care.

The Family Portrait series features families helping loved ones and each other to successfully manage mental illness.

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This Is The Legal Battle Around The End of Life Option Act and Why It Matters...

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An Update on the Status of California’s End of Life Option Act

Assisted Suicide and Disability
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20 thoughts on “Caretaking 101: Legal Guardianship ||”

  1. When I was 15, I had to watch my dad slowly die of leukemia. In the last few months he was starving to death because the cancer cells had built up in his lymph nodes in his throat. So he died of starvation and dehydration because it would take him minutes to swallow one sip of water. It was painful and horrible to watch as his daughter. I couldn't imagine how he felt. At some point a doctors oath to do no harm, keeping someone alive is putting them through more harm then helping them. As much as I am glad I got as much time with him as I could. I never would have wanted him to suffer like that. Physician assisted suicide should be legal.

  2. I remember Dr. Kavorkian if I spelled it right I don't care. I was a teen back then and even agreed with the Dr. We all know why this was viewed as bad. People who are dying with no chance of recovery can't kill themselves cause it's wrong in Gods eyes. People believe they go to hell. That is what scares me. If I am dying and I kill myself to stop the pain then why would a God punish me? I thought he would love me no matter what. Lead a good life. Never hurt a fly. Raised a good family and they know right from wrong. This is religious politics vs our own bodies. It's the agnostic view…what if? Why I would not do it myself but I would let a machine someone plugged up to do it…the old just in case loophole. Anyways. David cross did a comedy special about this subject and he was not only super hilarious but he was right! We allow the govt to kill us in war, on death row or death sentence, and the big one. It's ok to abort millions of babies a year. Yet we can't kill ourselves the most humane way possible?! It is all religious politics why this is such a hard taboo subject. I believe its our right and our body. However we can kill ourselves without a law in place. Called a gun. Yet I get the emotions and principles. It means I can be open to the public and not so secretive and feel ashamed. Also we can kill our pets with the pink liquid when they are sick or etc. I seen a family put down a perfectly good dog all cause they were selfish assholes. So glad with the new laws now the vet will say hey this animal will live a good long healthy life we cant kill this animal! They then ask the family to sign over their rights. Anyways off topic yet it relates how society can be so ass backwards and hypocritical. Religous politics should not be involved with our own human rights-bodies. Also if you allow a loved one to kill you humanely they will prosecute that person. That's why I believe in this should be changed in all states. We should allow this! To be able to be open with our own choose to go happy and peacefully with no pain. To die with cancer is awful. I watched a handful of my relatives die with terminal issues. My grandpa suffocated and drowned in his own bodily fluids. To save him from that 2 year plus long battle. I was selfish and glad I had him for that 2 plus years. Just when I got older I realized what if this was my family who came to me to ask for help killing them legally. This is a very hard thing to discuss. I am both sympathetic and empathetic to this subject. I respect peoples choice to end it with dignity and peace. Some say no you gotta fight it just in case you can make it. I get that. Just some of these people have been sick a long long time. Now if someone has cancer and healed, then it came back and they are just tired of the fight. Well that to me I need to know how far it's gone. That is where I can disagree. But that is me being selfish. If my family member got cancer again and said I am done and will kill myself. I will admit I wont tell them to. I'd say fight it for your family. We depend on you type talk. See…this is tough when it's your loved ones. Easier said and easier to talk about then done.

  3. Is it really that important to keep somebody alive against their will, which usually costs a lot of money that pretty much everybody else who's not involved wind up paying? These aren't people that could get better, or could live a long productive life. These are people who are suffering and going to die anyway. So by fighting these laws, the legislators are essentially saying "We don't care how much you're suffering. You need to continue suffering for as long as possible, until you die naturally". How is this humane? How is this "better"? I really don't get it.

  4. I just have one thing to add to this argument that I don’t see anywhere in the videos or comment sections. To the people against Physician Assisted Suicide it’s EASY for you to say it’s illegal and or immoral when you’re NOT the one CONSTANTLY suffering and in CONSTANT NEVER ENDING HORRIBLE PAIN and are basically just waiting for whatever you have to 100% kill you!!!!!!!!! I absolutely agree with these people in the comment section that said everything I wanted to say and felt other than what I said above: AJ anderson, Kyotosomo, Atticus Grim and Molotov Tiger!!! Stay safe everyone and loved!!!!

  5. I will say that the extensive research I've done on this topic since this is a topic I'm writing a paper on for my English class. Since in Oregon we have this is in the law they are very clear that Euthanasia is not allowed while PAS is.

  6. To me the right to die defeats the purpose of medical research. Instead of assisting people to kill themselves we should work harder for a cure. I say that because there is no way to tell whats going on in ones mind. The patient may take assisted suicide because of guilt (the financial burden on the family etc.). I see the point in other side of the argument too. Maybe Im wrong but thats what i think.

  7. My development textbook had a section on assisted suicide and so there was an interesting quote from a woman who was dying and it definitely made me think, the quote was something like "If I were a dog, you would have put me down already." It's definitely something to think about. Also, the quote might not be exactly correct but the idea is right.

  8. I don't think we have a right to choose for others. I'm a Christian, I don't like the idea of suicide in any form, but that's my personal feeling and I don't believe I have the right to decide for others. If someone is terminally ill, it has to be their choice. It's between each individual and their God/beliefs. I feel it is a medical choice. If someone is on life support they have the right to have a DNR. As hard as the decision is, I have had to personally give the ok for my mom to be taken off life support, because that was her choice. This should be the same thing. It's not like people are going door to door looking for people to assist…

  9. If hypocrites have the right to use deadly drugs the way they have done duck a doctors note they are the problem

  10. If I become severely disabled, I want to die. I don't care if maybe I might "come around" to it; I don't want to do it. It scares the crap out of me that I could get in a car accident today, become completely paralyzed, and be forced to live for another 20 or 30 years.

  11. As a person whose family has hereditary Brain Degenerative diseases (CFJ), It is very hard to watch them struggle through losing control of their life and the pain they are in. I 1000% support the die for dignity Act. This is their choice and very often these people loose so much of their autonomy through these illnesses, we need to allow them that final decision. As a young family member watching that pain, I could never choose to keep them in that state. I much rather they die themselves, as the person they are, than the helpless and filled with suffering person they would be if that continued. It's humane and it's Their Choice.

  12. Listen this is all WAY new to me and I honestly broke down crying just yesterday day because of it.. but my grandmother has dementia. We were talking about it yesterday and a lot of shit happened other than just how horrible a situation it is. But when it comes down to it her body is already really old too and shes coughing alot. She either dies from a heart attack or she begins the period in a chair were she her brain will slowly shrink and crumble. And I dont think heart attack is the worst of those outcomes. So yes, I would support her right to die as she pleased if she did, SHE WON'T because shes a stubborn old lady.. shes always been stubborn.

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