Car Vs Pédestrians on the road #4 || Accident, Crash, pedestrians

Car Vs Pédestrians on the road #4 || Accident, Crash, pedestrians

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Fatal Vehicle VS Pedestrian Accident / Anaheim 1.12.19

ANAHEIM – At 6:21 PM, Anaheim Fire & Rescue received reports of a vehicle accident that occurred on Anaheim Blvd (Between Cerritos Ave & Palais RD), in front of the Anaheim Indoor Marketplace. While en route, Firefighters received information from the Police stating that there was a pedestrian underneath the vehicle and appeared lifeless. Upon arrival, the victim was found underneath the vehicle and Firefighters quickly pulled out the victim. The victim was pronounced dead on scene and the street was immediately shut down. The person that was driving the vehicle and hit the victim stayed on scene and Police Officers performed a field sobriety test on him. The driver of the vehicle is cooperating with Police Officers as they are currently investigating the cause of the accident.

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21 thoughts on “Car Vs Pédestrians on the road #4 || Accident, Crash, pedestrians”

  1. Pedestrians these days feel so entitled they don't even look before crossing the street, oh a crosswalk I'm safe!!! Roads are for cars, when I'm a pedestrian, roads are still for cars. You don't get it, then you might die, very simple. It's not a Russian thing any more than in other countries, it just happens that they need a dash cam for their car insurance over there.

  2. Jesus – Russia seems to be the land of roll the dice, take your chances. Maybe you will make it to tomorrow, maybe you won't! Both with car crashes and with pedestrian crashes!

  3. I thought I might ask you sir, seen as the lights are on red, But are you currently having some work done on your vehicle by any chance? Its just their seems to be a man underneath it.

  4. 2 things
    1- so many people get knocked over on zebra crossings
    2- no fucker ever helps, they keep going about their day !! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  5. id you notice that almost all accidents are in the pedestrian range? And many with other cars standing still?

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