Car Accidents and Whiplash – 5 mph Will Do It

Know anyone that has EVER been in a car accident of 5 mph or more?

If so, please share this video with them.

Dr. Burns shows how it only takes a small whiplash event to set the stage for a future of pain, degeneration and disability.

Get a spinal checkup from an expert like Dr. Burns as soon as possible… even if the accident happened long ago… even if you dont have pain – yet!

Dr. Craig Burns, DC

minor car accident injuries

5 thoughts on “Car Accidents and Whiplash – 5 mph Will Do It”

  1. What happens if you just bump the back of their vehicle, going less than a quarter of a mile an hour or less, & there's absolutely no damage at all including no scratches ? Does that person who's faking whiplash, or who's car was bumped, have a legitimate lawsuit against the vehicle in the rear ? Your vehicle has no damage in the front at all either ! Are people allowed to sue under false pretenses then, & get away with it ?

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