Car Accident Trial: Officer Arrests Defendant for Drunk Driving

In this car accident trial, the attorneys at Butler Tobin presented evidence that the defendant was driving drunk when she rearended our client, who was sitting at a traffic light. Here, the arresting officer testified to this Atlanta, Georgia jury as we presented video from his vehicle’s dash camera.

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Here’s another great client review for Abels & Annes, P.C. Our client Norma was driving northbound on Ridge Avenue in Evanston and as she approached a parking lot entrance, she slowed and stopped to make a left turn. At that time the defendant rear-ended the plaintiff’s vehicle.

Evanston police officers responded to the accident, investigated and issued the defendant a ticket for driving too fast for conditions.

The impact of the accident was significant. Our client was thrown forward in her seat, she struck her head on the steering wheel and her knees slammed into the dashboard. Her vehicle was totaled in the wreck.

Norma was taken by ambulance to Evanston Hospital. She had significant head pain, the bilateral knee pain, low back and other various injuries.

Over the next several months she was under the care of an orthopedic surgeon and physical therapists. An MRI later revealed a more significant knee injury that required surgery.

After our client was done with her medical treatment the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier was unwilling to offer a fair settlement, so a lawsuit was filed. After a period of litigation, the claim was finally resolved.

In her video review, Norma talks about the high-quality of our work, and she states that she would be very comfortable recommending our services to others. Further, she was clearly thrilled about her settlement.

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  1. The great reviews for @Abels & Annes, P.C. in Chicago continue.  This time from a car accident victim.  She was a passenger in a car that was hit from the rear in my home town of Evanston, Illinois.

    The impact was hard and her knees slammed into the dashboard.  She was taken to Evanston Hospital, and treated by an orthopaedic over the next several months.  Eventually an MRI revealed that she needed surgery.

    The defendant's insurance company made no real offer so a lawsuit was filed.  After the case was worked up and ready for trial, the insurance company finally made a strong offer to settle.

    If you watch the video, it's easy to see that the plaintiff was thrilled with our work and the results.

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