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In this video, Ken Lanier answers, Should you settle your claim at the scene?

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TRANSCRIPT: Clients always ask, should they settle their claim at the scene? The answer is no. There’s too many unknowns at the time. You don’t know the amount of damage to your vehicle. Your injury, your health is unknown. And also, the mitigating factors that may have caused this accident are unknown. That driver may have been drinking too much, been out too late. There is a myriad of things that could have happened that caused that accident and because there’s so many unknowns you don’t want to jeopardize your rights, the value of the case, and the claims you may have against the driver. So, do not try to settle your claim at the scene. Make sure you call the police, call your attorney, and let’s get your claim handled the right way. At The Law Office of Ken Lanier, we’re client focused, results driven, let us make a difference for you.

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