Can my Spouse prevent me having Visition Rights in New Jersey?


At the Law Office of Sara Sencer McArdle, LLC, we provide family law and criminal defense law services to individuals and families throughout northwest New Jersey. Our firm’s focus on client service pays off in mutual trust and confidence in the lawyer-client relationship. An experienced trial attorney, Sara Sencer McArdle is a vigorous advocate for our clients — taking forceful action to protect their interests through effective legal action.
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The International Institute of New Jersey (IINJ) has welcomed thousands of newly arrived immigrants first as a YWCA program and later, in 1938 as an independent non-profit organization.

IINJ is the only social service agency in New Jersey which provides comprehensive resettlement services to ease each persons transition into a new country and culture. Besides settling-in services, IINJ provides legal assistance on immigration and citizenship, ESL instruction, interpreting and translation, employment training and individual and family counseling.

In addition to helping refugees and asylees, IINJ partners with the Mental Health Association of New Jersey to provide linguistic and cultural competency training to mental health care providers. The Children against Trauma (CATS) provide evidence-based counseling and training in public schools in Clifton and Jersey City.
Lastly, the Survivors of Torture Program is an essential part of the Cross Cultural Counseling Center.

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