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Are you being harassed to settle by the insurance company after a bus accident? Watch this video to learn more about bus accident settlement offers.

You may be worried about if you should take the first offer that’s been presented to you after you have submitted a demand. To address this concern, we need to know what the full and fair value of your case is. In general, we work with the opposing side to try to resolve your case without having to file a lawsuit. It’s not because we don’t want to file a lawsuit or represent you in a courtroom. We love representing our clients in a courtroom but ee also know that the practicality of the case is such that it’s going to serve your interest to try to resolve that case fully and fairly without filing a lawsuit if we can get that done.

If we’re presented with an offer after we’ve presented that demand, and if that offer represents the true value of the case, then we may indeed recommend that we accept it. If it doesn’t, then we’re going to enter into negotiations to do everything so that you receive full and fair compensation.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in a crash in Florida and have questions about bus accident settlement offers? Contact our dedicated Tampa Bay bus accident attorneys at Perenich The Law Firm today at (727) 500-2358 or visit us online at
Let our experience work for you.

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