Brooklyn Car Accident Lawyer Offers Testimonial From a Recent Auto Accident Client

Brooklyn car accident lawyer offers client testimonial

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3 thoughts on “Brooklyn Car Accident Lawyer Offers Testimonial From a Recent Auto Accident Client”

  1. It has been a year and a half. Too much time has passed. I learned my lesson the hard way. If something ever happens again. I will be a lot better prepared. No offense to you. I posted on many boards. It's just my way of trying to help someone else. I wish all attorney's told their clients that.

  2. In my case. I was in the hospital a few hours and released. I had to go to my own doctor. Plus hospital orthopedic doctor. My hospital records costed $550.00 . That was for the 1 day I was there and the orthopedic doctor. I don't know if that is called minimal. But the attorney never told me I could have gotten them on a disk for $13.50 and I could have printed them myself. It would not have been that much. That $550.00 came out if my settlement. I don't think it is fair for any attorney not to give options. When a client is not going to know that. The hospital charged $1.49 per page. I could think of better things I could have done with that money.

  3. I am sure the attorney got the medical records at the hospital rate. She is clueless to know she could have got her own medical records on a disk and printed them out her self or she could have went to staples with the disk and they could have printed them out for .11 cents per page. I know that her settlement also took the medical records cost the hospital charged from it.

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