Bitcoin Law Review – Richard Heart's HEX Scam, Virgil Arrest for North Korea, OneCoin, Telegram ICO Events — Bitcoin:
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Topic 1: Virgil Griffith of Ethereum Arrested for speaking Blockchain in North Korea

Topic 2: One Coins Lawyer Conviction

Topic 3: ICO’s in the hot seat

Stox token sale proceeds used to buy Israeli soccer team, new federal court lawsuit says

Verge token hack lawsuit says creators in project โ€œblack paperโ€ are general partnership and that is Not a Good Thing

Blockchain analytics firm Elliptic finds over $400M worth of XRP tied to illegal activities

Topic 4: Richard Heart’s HEX Scam:!search/richardSchueler/
Smart Contract Address:
ETH Richard Heart Scammed from Idiots:
Where he might have fucked up and exposed the fact that he does own the ethereum wallet (which we all know he does anyway):

Update if Possible on Ripple a Security:
The Block’s Deleted Twitter Thread, Use

Time Permitting: US Housing Foundation vs Forman (1975)


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What is? : “Unconfiscatable Celebrity Poker Tournament 2020 (BITCOIN NOT BLOCKCHAIN)”


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20 thoughts on “Bitcoin Law Review – Richard Heart's HEX Scam, Virgil Arrest for North Korea, OneCoin, Telegram ICO”

  1. Seibert, how about you get internet FIRST, then try to stream? Then again, it's not like he'd make any more sense at higher bitrates… ;-D

  2. You "Lawmen" need to go back to Kindergarten and read Adam Smith. Seriously. You're so puffed up by legalese that you're completely missing the simple economics of what HEX is doing.

  3. All you guys did……was make me want to buy HEX. Richard literally handed you ALL your asses in a sling. I was supremely skeptical about HEX. It now makes more sense than any other project resembling BTC.
    Richard is an ass, a complete cocky prick…….and he's also a fucking genius.

  4. USA Bitcoin law! lol Its funny watching all you clowns try to box this up into a neat package….for the sole purpose of profiting from regulation and legal fees. Have you talked to tone about his constant Investment advice and trying to get people to buy bitcoin?…..whats the f… difference?

  5. The smart contract can be called

    So on year 99 you will just write a smart contract to eat that one and then we are fine.

    Thatโ€™s what ethereum does to upgrade their network

  6. I gave eth to the AA lobby just so richard will give you the middle finger Tone Vays, thats my only expectation I have for Richard Heart! Get out of crypto youre SUCH a douchebag!!

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