BEST Way to Get an Experienced Medical Malpractice Lawyer to Take Your Case | NY Attorney Explains

BEST Way to Get an Experienced Medical Malpractice Attorney to Take Your Case
NY Medical Malpractice & Personal Injury Lawyer Gerry Oginski Explains

You think you have a great case.
You think your doctor was careless.
You think his wrongdoing caused you harm.

You also think your case is worth millions of dollars.
Yet for some reason, every lawyer you talk to is not willing to even investigate.
You’re confused.

You’re wondering what could possibly be wrong with your perfect case?

In this video, I describe the exact way to get an experienced trial lawyer interested in investigating and taking your medical malpractice case against your doctor.

The reality is that you need to show your doctor was careless.
You also need to show that his carelessness was a cause of your injury. You then need to show that your injuries are significant and/or permanent.

Oh yes…all three of those things must be confirmed by a qualified medical expert who has reviewed all your records or a treating physician who has reviewed all your records.

ONLY THEN, will you find an experienced attorney willing to take on and accept your case.

Watch the video to learn more…

Here’s a cardiac malpractice case where I was able to achieve a million dollar settlement for my client:

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  1. Great Video!!! Any advice here's my story. I fell in 2018 went to ER. A few weeks later I had trouble walking with pain. I went to ER a few times. One time the Dr said were sending you home so I spoke to head Dr. He was rude, said you are fine were not admitting you. My Dr wasnt helping either. I saw an orthopedic last week. He said I broke my back twice, it HEALED WRONG, will never walk the same again, cant be fixed and need surgery to keep from further problems. And that hospital would not admit me. The injury went with no treatment!!! I've had many health problems. I can barely walk and in constant pain. I can prove everything. I can get all documents. I have a Dr treating me. My health insurance covered most. I'm suffering a lot. The hospital didnt cause the injury but went untreated. Do you think i might have a case? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you Jennifer

  2. My Father has lung cancer but he was on remission but he was still getting his immunotherapy every 3 weeks. He suddenly had unrelenting chest pain episodes. First hospital admission in ICU for 3 days did find anything but pneumonia. Got discharged but chest pain persisted. Second hospital said it was pulmonary embolism. Then it was not it was lung stent migration that caused his chest pain. On the 4th evening after they have removed the migrated lung stent, my dad became paraplegic. He lost his bowel and urinary control. He was transferred to neuro ICU. The doc said MRI showed T4 fracture but there was no compression, all he (my dad) needed was a back brace and therapy and he should be fine. Unfortunately, my dad acquired hospital c.diff. He was on isolation and due to PPE shortage no family member was allowed to visit nor stay with him. My dad is a Filipino-American who speaks good english but get lost with medical jargons. We have been stay connected with nurses and doctors over the phone. They kept telling us that they will keep monitoring my dad but they were all too quick to ask about my Dad code status and suggesting we should consider DNR. They even consulted palliative. My dad during those times were suffering from excruxiating chest pain but they failed to manage his pain until we finally told them to manage his pain first before pushing my dad to change his status to DNR. Finally, palliative care found it absurd to discuss change of status without having a family member to provide support to my dad. A week later, I came to the hospital, I found out that my Dad refused spine surgery. My dad said he refused because he did not understand what they have been telling them. They did not provide a translator nor to bother calling a family member to translate for him. I expressed my concern about my Dad mobility. I urge them to do something about it. They finally took a new MRI. The next day, neuro surgery told us that there are compression on my Dad's spine that is causing the paraplegic and it was possibly cancer metastasis. Also, surgery was a little too late because it has been over a week since the weakness/immobility started. I requested for oncology, we found out that my Dad's primary oncologists was not even aware he is still in the hospital until I informed them. Oncology came and informed us that they did not believe it was cancer because the bone scan values does not correlate with bone cancer. Biopsy was completed and revealed no cancer. What my dad have is what they called epiduaral lipomatosis, a fatty benign mass on the spine that causes the compression resulting to paraplegia. The only treatment is surgery which is again a little to too late because it has been over a week since it all started. The never is probably dead by now. So they are basically telling is to accept all of this and bring my back home immobile, paraplegic.

    My dad came in to the hospital, he walked independendly and getting discharged crippled. Why? My question is, why did it take too long to figure out the problem? How did they missed diagnosed my dad several times and they were too quick to change my Dad's code status and discharge him?. My dad is now in rehabilitation, we are all devastated especially him. He could not accept the fact that he walked in the hospital and now he is disable without control of his bowel and bladder.

  3. how long on average does a lawyer take to decide if they are going to take on your case after you send them all of you medical records?

  4. I went to a dentist to have a bottom left molar I chipped chewing pitted black olives one had a pit still in it. When I was there at Magic Smiles Dental in Mesa Arizona at the appointment to have that tooth fixed and the dentist said to me I am not going to work on that chipped tooth until you let me drill and fill these six other ones that are on the top. I told her I didn't make the appointment for those teeth and that they looked fine to me. She said again I am not going to work on that tooth you made the appointment for that's hurting you unless you let me do fillings in these top six teeth. I argued with her again and said they look fine and are not hurting. She then showed me the teeth in a dental mirror pointing into a hand mirror and I said they looked fine. She said that they had real deep cavities and I couldn't see them. So being in pain for about a month and half and wanting the chipped tooth worked on I allowed her to drill and fill the teeth. Once she was done, she said i am making an appointment for the tooth that's hurting you and didn't even attempt to fix it. So I went from the appointment with six teeth with fillings I didn't need. I came back and another dentist ground the tooth down the was chipped and put a crown on it. The crown broke and I ended up having to have that tooth pulled and now I have to worry and some day have the six repaired or even pulled. The dentist name is a Asian woman DDS White that gave me six fillings I didn't need. I already had the bottom left molar removed by a different dentist in a different state. Now I am worried about loosing the six other teeth with the fillings in them that DDS White drilled and filled. I wish I had never went to Magic Smiles at Mesa Arizona. This Asian woman DDS White is the worst dentist I have been to in my life. I filled out a complaint form with the Arizona Board of Dental Association of Examiners. Plus I filled out a claim form on a injury lawyer website. I think I have the dentist name right but I am not 100% sure. I know after that appointment and other ones prior of bonds she did that look lousy and one has broke off, plus the appointment when I got six fillings I didn't need that I saw on the news that the Magic Smiles Dental in Pheonix Arizona had been closed down because some of the dentist there were not even legally dentist. So I wonder if the Magic Smiles in Mesa Arizona if they are real dentist even. Also I had a tooth pulled there by a woman that's Mexican I within and she left small fragments of the tooth in the gum so I had to pick them out with a pick that I bought from Walmart.

  5. I had a neck surgery to repair 4 discs in my neck that were pressing on my spine cord. The repair was done and a plate with 6 screws was placed in my neck. Three weeks after the surgery I went to the same doctor with complaints that there was something scratching the back of my throat. The Dr. told me it was due to my smoking and that was that. Three weeks after that I woke up in massive pain and my neck was swollen , hard as a rock. I went to the ER and after x Ray's it was discovered that one if the screws in the plate has come out and is lodged in my chest cavity and another one was scraping on the back of my throat. I had to have emergency surgery that day. It was discovered that I had a massive infection in my neck due to one screw causing a micro hole in my esophagus letting bacteria through. I was given 2 different antibiotics in the hospital and one caused my veins to collapse that resulted in a thrombosis ( swelling if the arm).I now have a picc line to recover IV antibiotics for six weeks. I have already had the picc line replaced due to leakage. I have to travel 60 miles round trip to have blood drawn one a week to see what the progress of the infection is. I will be on antibiotics for the rest of my life. This is all a result of a DR. refusing to listen to concerns that I had that something was wrong. If he world have done something at the three week mark none of this would be happening to me. I still have to find a surgeon to repair the plate and also one to remove the screw floating around in my body. If anyone knows of a good attorney please leave a comment so I can get some Justice for pain and suffering I am going through because someone who was supposed to help me caused serious damage.

  6. So I had back surgery and after the 4 days I was sent to a rehab. I started catching light fevers and they had an infection disease doctor on case but my fever went down after all the Iv antibiotics so they ended up discharging me. And the moment I got home it started draining so we called the infection disease doctor and I ended up getting an emergency surgery but the problem was that my surgeon quit and left to another hospital. Leaving me with an unknown surgeon and I ended up getting 4 surgeries total due to this infection and a piece of muscle removed from my lower back. Not to mention I ended up get a screw removed and the screw came back positive with staphylococcus bacteria. Would I have a valid case in court?

  7. How about if the doctors did their jobs just fine but it was the insurance companies fault for making you wait so long that you got bone infection

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