Best FREE Legal Advice!!!! Know Your RIGHTS!!! TESTIFY App

Best FREE Legal Advice!!!! Know Your RIGHTS!!!  TESTIFY App

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Know Your RIGHTS!!!!

Cases of police misconduct happen often in today’s world. Current events in the news media also show a rising trend in police abuse of power. With modern smart phone technology, it doesn’t have to go ignored.

The Supreme Court has made it illegal for police to search or go through a person’s phone without a warrant.

So we made Testify.

Testify was developed by defense lawyers to protect and empower individuals during police stops. Testify puts an evidence gathering tool in the palm of your hand.

What does Testify do?

Testify turns your phone into a witness during any incident.

How does Testify work?

Testify uses your phone’s force sensor and microphone to gather evidence while speaking with law enforcement. Simply touch the “Start Witness” button and Testify has you covered.

Any evidence gathered is also sent to your Testify cloud account for later download. These files can be reviewed by your lawyer used in court.

Testify also helps protect by telling you what to say during common police scenarios, such as:

* Routine traffic stop
* Arrests
* Police questioning
* Cannabis/narcotics possession
* Any other incident where a reliable witness is not present. Such as an auto accident where statements are made.

Testify will automatically send the file after 30 minutes once the App is triggered.

No need for the user to fumble through the phone and take additional steps to preserve the evidence.

** Please understand that the secondary evidence password created is intended for the user and their attorney ONLY!!! Send this information to an attorney through protected privileged communications.

Why is Testify valuable?

The evidence files saved by Testify act as an honest account of a police incident. If the officer is deceptive in asking questions, overly aggressive, or doesn’t conduct the stop/arrest in the utmost of legal proceeding, Testify can prove it.

Considering the legal cost of fighting charges, Testify provides you with your own evidence that may potentially get charges dropped. And that’s invaluable.

How much is it?

Testify acts as a subscription service for storing evidence files online, should you need them later in court.

For the first 250 downloads,
a year subscription to Testify’s evidence cloud is only .99. That’s 75% off the normal yearly price.

Protect yourself with Testify.

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20 thoughts on “Best FREE Legal Advice!!!! Know Your RIGHTS!!! TESTIFY App”

  1. Reza – Do you know of any civil rights lawyers in the Seattle area? I've tried emailing one with no answer back. I have a big issue that I need to speak with a lawyer about involving some MAJOR police misconduct. I believe the city may have been involved as well. Thanks.

  2. I have a two year old cat that was dying in front of me for two days. I had a organization who helped me for this whole time and I saved that cat from being put down.I was for freaking out and said are u going to help him or not?in a yell voice so the cat hat a operation and survived. I only know that because I had someone else phone her bec she's not speaking to me.she didn't tell me anything and animals have been the only love if my life not just a cat to me.I've been told I'm not getting him back I owned that cat for two years its my cat.what should I do?

  3. my dad had dementia, we went to landlord and explained that this man who was post stroke could not live live alone and was unsafe in home due to dementia. the landlord went to my dad and told my dad that his kids were conspiring against him.. lies.. he wanted to keep a tenant and did not care about the dementia and unsafe condition dad was in. dad was post strok an could fall on top of it all ,, we told landlord this. my brother who is power of attrroney went in moved dad. The landlord tried to stop dad from moving over stepping boundaries by returning after being informed to dad apartment and telling dad things that were lies. dad had dementia.. we told him about dad condition even though we felt bad we were trying to protect him…. my brother wired dads house with camers and audio and we have the landlord on tap telling lies… low down bastered
    Show less

  4. Hi Tx is trying to give me 25 years 3 strike I have a change from over 15 years ago and they trying to use it on me Help

  5. My friend is being catfished by a woman named patricia emily raymond she lives in acron ohio 6 months ago she went to turkey to finalise her dads eastate she got a cheque for $750.000 put it into a swiss account she,s saying the suspended the cheque until she pays $5000 so far my friend has sent over$ he is broke but won,t listen to us i don,t know how i can prove to him to stop sending anymore money some advice please

  6. no updates , again nothing new on any videos of this type under 6 months old…did attorneys get scared?



  9. Hello I am in need of advice in regards to a trust and a last will and testament that my father had left me I am not recieving any communication how can I represent myself?

  10. how do I write a motion to dismiss a drug case do to police using illegal techniques they use to organize gangstalk u.s citizens?

  11. HI,
    Right now i was looking up some stuff regarding an incident that happened yesterday afternoon coming back to usa walking through san ysidro border and i noticed your videos. Right now i really need help! So this is the 4th incident that i remember that happend. I go to mexico to hangout there and visit my girl friends, i do not take part in any kind of illegal activities, i do not have any intent to do any crime. In this 4 incidents i was raped of my privacy, annoyed, disrespected, discriminated, seen as an outsider etc.. I was asked irrelevant questions that has nothing to do to protect the safety of usa. In the 4th incident, i approched the border patrol desk and showed my passport card, She asked me, where are you going? i said, to san deigo. Then she asked me where did you go? i said, i went to mexico. then she asked, what where you doing there? i said, i went to meet my girl friends? Then she asks me, who is your girlfriend and who are your freinds there? And, i was thinking that's none of your business and how is this protecting america when their scanning machine has not been operational till now from the last time i came on february 2017, and i could even lie about it, etc.. Then i said to her, hold on. And i was picking up my smartphone and telling her ok can you ask me that again and during this i was trying to turn on the camera (i don't know if i had enough time to do it). Then she said something like this, you can't use your phone in here or you can't take picture in here, then i replied, if your not doing anything wrong why are you worrying about it and i think i have the right to videotape you. Then her and other cbp's repeats that i can't take picture and at this point i was confused and trying to discuss understand what's the big deal if they are not doing anything wrong, and at that time this one cbp comes and grabs my smartphone from my hand and hand cuffs me and other cpb's grabs me after that and at this point i was very disappointed and frustrated and i was asking and saying many things to them including, are you detaining me, are you arresting me, if so for what? they replied irrelevantly and took me to the back and they had my unlocked smartphone and most likely going through my phone and based on the questions they asked me i think they did. Now i am again left with a very bad experience and now worried traveling to mexico and feeling paranoid what they will do with my information's and contacts, I had notes, ideas, and other things. I never gave them permission to search my electronic device and they never gave me the reason for searching my phone.The cbp could have gave me some time and advised me to put the phone away or he will take it and i would have cooperated because i don't want my phone taken. Then when he did take the phone he could have at my presence deleted the captured video footage if it was captured and then given my phone back. again, all this happened very fast.
    Can you give me some insights on how i should deal with their harassment's, what rights do i have? next time inside the building can i legally video tape them? Can i sue them? I am feeling very miserable after this and i do not want to be harassed by them and i don't want anybody to be harassed by them. Their main job is to verify if the person is a legal resident and prevent any person from bringing illegal things. instead of asking questions not related to national security, personnel questions not related to national security and when i don't want to answer, they threaten me saying that i will be going to the back and i will be there for a long time. Everyone stick together and fight to prevent misconducts and corruptions.
    All the feedback's will be very appreciated

  12. Dear sir Assalamo-alaikum i am safi ullah khan from karachi pakistan. I have a very serious issue and i really want a reliable solution for this problem which i can implement actually my father has a house in residental area which is named by my grandfather and his brother shaki ullah khan. my grandfather is not alive and his brother lived in abroad with his whole family. i want reconstruct our house and make a power of Attorney on my father name all my Aunts are in favour of us they give us permission to reconstruct the house but there is a problem from Shaki ullah khan side we have given them his share from this property at that time we didn't have such a money to make power of Attorney or any legal documents but we have a proof of Mr shaki in written and also signature of them and also we have pay order copy on it is also mention that they sell his half property to us . I have tried so many times to contact them but nobody answer my call. I also send them email , messages but nobody reply at yet i am trying to contact them for 3 months sir now i just want to know that on behalf of these proof is this possible to make power of Attorney on my father name every body knows that Mr shaki takes his share from this property Sir please advice me while ever is possible in this case i will wait for your answer Thanks.

  13. I am a recently admitted lawyer in Jacksonville getting started in criminal defense. The app is absolutely genius, it seems to address many issues. The fact that it uploads the information to your server in real time is the best part

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