Best Child Support Attorneys For Fathers


Best Child Support Attorneys For Fathers

A father’s rights lawyer will help a dad who is battling for child custody, child visitation, unfair child support, back support, divorce and property during a proceeding while, putting together a case that considers the rights of the client.

Father’s rights during a divorce can extend beyond the right to custody of children. Many fathers find themselves fighting for property. When fathers and mothers cannot agree on division of property, courts make the decisions.

It’s no secret that fathers have historically been treated as second-class citizens in issues related to child custody, child support and visitation. Although many state laws now require Family Court judges to treat both mother and father equally and forbid judges from presuming that a mother is necessarily the only choice for custody issues, men still often find themselves treated unfairly. A fathers’ rights attorney can help protect your legal rights as a dad and ensure you’re treated justly in court when dealing with parenting issues that affect your children. Unmarried fathers who have signed voluntary paternity acknowledgements should also work with fathers’ rights lawyers to obtain visitation and custody rights.

While a father’s rights attorney can give you the best help and advice, it can still be somewhat difficult for dads to get shared custody of kids in a divorce case. By asking us a question or what your concerns are on the form to right of this page, we can get you started with free advice from a father’s rights attorney that will understand what you need to do, say and demonstrate in order to convince a family court judge to award you shared custody of your children. Sadly, many fathers become frustrated with the court situation and are forced to go through an emotional, stressful fight in order to stay in contact with their children. Some are subjected to false abuse allegations, others experience chronic depression, and many are stripped of their assets beyond reason. If you are a father seeking child custody and access, please do not hesitate to obtain father’s rights help and advice from us today.

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The information contained in this video is not legal advice; but, rather information that should be used in conjunction with a local Attorney. If you don’t have an “killer” Fathers’ Rights Attorney, email us for a referral to a local practitioner.

If you like, please provide us with a synopsis of your case by completing our intake form:


At your request, this information will be forwarded to one of our Fathers’ Rights Attorney’s in your area. They should provide you a free case analysis so that you “know” where you stand.

Also, you may wish to order a copy of our Fathers’ Rights Protection System and become a member of the National Brotherhood of Fathers’ Rights [NBFR].


Membership details in the National Brotherhood of Fathers’ Rights can be found at:

The Fathers’ Rights Protection System gives you over 1000 pages of material, mailed directly to your door, with exact life experiences, examples, and other information that will help you better interact with your local Attorney; giving him the direction and help that he needs to help you! The information is modeled after 1000’s of Fathers that have gained success over the years.

Once you order the book, you’re a member in the NBFR. Fill out the above intake form, and forward us your key paperwork. We will forward all of this information to a Fathers’ Rights Attorney in your area and help you get the ball rolling.

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2 thoughts on “Best Child Support Attorneys For Fathers”

  1. eman7188 says:

    Are you really helping fathers?

  2. Kory Dean says:

    Youtube NBFR for free. Save your money!
    Information is disorganized, and hard to follow. Dennis is business man 1st, and a fathers rights activist 2nd. Called me an idiot. This is a source of information, and his basic battle plan is on the money. You should seek a real fathers rights activist in your county/region who has local templates and forms available, and is also knowledgeable about local rulings. 
    Figure out what you want, and ask for it. Stick to it, and if you must concede have yourself a plan B option to offer. This gives the court options rather than make a decision without your input.
    I represented myself and got 50/50 custody in King Co. WA without this guy. I would be willing to refer anyone in the area to some great local resources. I do not believe this FRPS is worth it and would advise against this service.

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