Beginner's Guide to Dealing with Whiplash, Car Accidents, Lawyers, Doctors, and More

Have you recently been in a car crash? I speak frankly and honestly about navigating your way through a personal injury case. I used to see many patients who were injured in car accidents and it was the majority of my practice. Now that I am no longer taking personal injury patients I speak truthfully without fear of professional reprisal.

This video guide will help you answer these questions:
– What happens to my spine in a car crash?
– How do whiplash injuries work and how long do they take to heal?
– How do I find the right car accident lawyer, and which attorneys should I avoid?
– What kind of doctor should I go to first?
– How do I find the right personal injury doctors, and are they ordering the right tests for my case?
– What is videofluoroscopy or motion x-ray and do I need it?
– What can I do to help my case?
– How do I know if I have brain damage?

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9 thoughts on “Beginner's Guide to Dealing with Whiplash, Car Accidents, Lawyers, Doctors, and More”

  1. Never let an attorney get your medical records. Call the hospital and request them on a disk for $13.50 print them out yourself or if you don't have a printer go to staples with the disk and they can print it out. 11 cents per. If you let the attorney get your medical records it could cost you $1.49 per page or higher and that could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars and it comes from your settlement. No attorney will tell you this and it happens in all 50 states.

  2. Thank you Dr Luppo, I really wish I saw this video 21 years ago when I had my twisted whiplash accident. I would not have pushed through the first 5 days of work as a 3rd year apprentice hairdresser in agony until I could not stand up 1/2 way through on the fifth day, followed by 6 months off work gratefully returning back to my hairdressing 4 year apprenticeship and being looked after by work cover, workcover then said I had zero % disability and I could take them to court, but I would have to pay both sides of court costs . It took another 6 months of pain at work for the pain to subside( I had Physio and Chiro from workcover and I trusted workcover for my back during the first 6 months until I got the 0% even though I was in a lot of pain L4/L5, T11/T12 and (C 6 I think then)
    After lower pain flare ups for a few months off and on over the following 9 years and closing down my hairdressing salon in 2007 because I could not finish a ladies hair without laying down for 1/2 hour on the floor inbetween her haircut. At 29 in Jan 2006 I picked up a sock and I have had chronic lower back pain every day of my life to this day. I am grateful for the accident as I have helped many others to rest and get proper tests and see a good chiropractor since and not push through work because of fear of letting employers down and I am now going to open up a Healing Studio from home next year( Reiki, reflexology, Charkra balancing and Aura readings( injures show up in aura even before people can feel them in their physical bodies)
    I will be able to stand and sit through my healing sessions and work again at my own place.
    Thanks for this video confirming my pain( that the doctors did not believe, they called it phantom limb pain when I turned 20 3 months after my accident?) , I have only recently diagnosed with disks torn and the soft disc jelly leaked out if 5 of my discs and a 3cm syrinx T2-T7 and another squashed disc there.
    I am lucky, my husband who I met when I was14 has taken care of the mortgage and all medical bills over 10 years and now has a work injury and 2nd operation in same knee himself . I will return to work and he plans to pass the 100% clearance test to work in the same electrician job , by same employer for over 20years, but they can't keep him on if he can not crawl through supermarket ceilings or work on ladder for 12 hours a day etc. we have never sued , but if he can't return to work in 3 weeks, we have to look at our options, thank you so much for the helpful info😊
    Nicola Australia πŸ’œ

  3. question… if i settle case very low bail… but i havent cash check .. can i still refuse thise 2000 specially because i have a lot of isues my nack is wrong i have head aches and my back is not the same plus i feel so depressed its already almost 4 months of accident i have ringin in the ears i cant sleep well even with sleeping pills. … i made a mistake 9 days after the accident and i settle case thinkin i was fine … i did see a doctor and i report to him about my back and neck pain car accident doctor gave me a ketaroloc injection for pain…

  4. Hey Tarrin, you might remember that Ron is a board certified PI attorney and he says you are spot on. Good job!

  5. Great information.. learned a lot from your video!! I think this is a wonderful guide for people who have been in car wrecks, and also for people who haven't but want to prepare. It's difficult to get honest information about these topics, and I think you did a great job in conveying the facts. Wonderfully informative video!

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