Atlanta Injury Lawyer – How do I Increase the value of my surgical back injury case?

An accidental back injury may require surgery to remove bulging spinal discs (the soft cushions that separate the individual bones of the spine), and the bones in the spine may need to be fused together for support.
It can be hard for an insurance company or courtroom jury to decide how much that injury is worth. At Stokes & Kopitsky, our lawyers use many tools to show insurers (or jurors) the serious, painful, and costly results of the injury. These tools include:
1) Medical illustrations, which help expert doctors explain the exact injury, what happened in surgery, and the end result. By vividly showing just how terrible the injury and surgery are, these professionally-drawn medical pictures can increase the value of the case by tens of thousands of dollars.
2) Once the victim’s spine is fused, the victim’s ability to earn money is decreased for the rest of his or her life. We have found that a vocational rehabilitation specialist is the right person to “translate” a permanent disability rating into the total earnings the victim is likely to lose due to a decrease in mobility, chronic pain, and even a need for more surgeries that will limit the victim’s steady earnings and ability to keep a good job. This can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifetime – compensation the victim is entitled to receive.
If you have had a serious back injury in an accident that was not your fault, please call us, Stokes & Kopitsky, for help. We are experienced Atlanta injury attorneys who have years of experience in getting excellent settlements and verdicts for serious back injury victims. We answer our telephones 24/7, and there is no charge for your initial consultation. We advance all court costs, and our fees and the costs are paid from the settlement or award we obtain for you; if there is none, there are no fees.
Our entire office works as a team to help you as much as possible, to get you the medical treatment you need and compensation you deserve, and to provide the support and understanding that will aid you in the healing process. Please call us toll-free at
1-800-700-5050 for top-quality, skilled, caring legal help.

See how an Uber driver got a 0K settlement for a back injury. This is the only video on Youtube that I’ve seen that discusses the actual amount for an Uber accident settlement.

The crash happened in Miami, Florida. This was a left hand turn T-bone car accident.

The Uber driver had a fracture of the lamina of his T3 vertebra. The T3 lamina is located above his lower back.

The Uber driver did not have surgery. Learn why he wasn’t entitled to PIP insurance with James River Insurance Company.

You’ll see why the majority of the settlement was for his pain and suffering.

I explain how I got Molina Medicaid to pay his ,000 hospital bill.
(They refused to pay it at first.)

CNA (American Insurance Company of Reading, Pennsylvania) insured the at fault driver. CNA paid the 0K Settlement. We settled the case approximately 9 months after the accident.

I discuss Uber insurance coverage, Uber uninsured motorist insurance and more.

This is a big personal injury settlement for not having surgery. As a reference, in 15 of my 16 biggest injury settlements, my client had surgery.

I was the Uber driver’s attorney. My office is in Coral Gables, Miami-Dade County, Florida.

The article (associated with this video) is here (

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  1. oh wow, this is exactly my case and exactly what ive been looking for in an attorney. ive spent weeks looking for super litigation firms and ive spoke to a couple and many others down the latter and noone has made me feel more trusting of what they are doing than you. i was injured by a commercial vehicle, it resulted in 2 herniated discs, the insurance company is offering me 55k while one of the surgeries is 150k. im even younger than the client u spoke about, im 26. and soe firms ive spoken to they r looking into a few 100s, which to them is alot for thier previous succes. but to me, since ive been jacked for the rest of my life, it doesnt seem fair. even if i get surgery i wont be the same ever! i wished that at least this wouldve happened to me at 35 just like that guy :(. Im looking for help, for someone that will understand my pain and all of what i am going through and will go trough for the rest of my life. someone that will go way and beyond and fight for my case like it was them suffering and not just be happy with good resulst, i not only want, but i need the best!

  2. They recently made an insulting $4,000 offer to someone with a permanent neck injury which is known to cause Arthritis. $4,000 will be gone quickly with loss of income and treatments to manage pain but they don't care.

  3. Sometimes taking it to court is the only way because insurance companies are greedy and refuse to do the right thing, it's all about profit for them.

  4. Do you think this $260K settlement was a good result? How much would you have awarded the Uber driver?

    Please let me know in the comments below.

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  5. What if you are a passenger in an Uber car and sustain injuries from an accident that occurred while you were a passenger?

  6. Could you explain what happens is you are renting thru a ride share and get hit by an unisured motorist.

  7. That’s good you did a great job it’s like they say you don’t need a lawyer that fights and goes toe to toe you need a smart lawyer that knows the law

  8. If your a passenger in a car accident In was injured but your health insurance paid for your hospital bills and you didn’t have no liens do the car Insurance have to still reimburse you for your hospital bill

  9. Hey could you have got your client more money if the car was totaled in the wreck? Or not ?

  10. So how much can a person get for pain and suffering for neck pain and lower back pain from a car accident ?

  11. have you settled car accidents in florida for labrel should tears and neck injuries? any examples. does police report help if it has an unsafe backing code

  12. Is The Case Better On A Bus Accident Or Just The Same As A Car Accident (Not Trying To Encourage Anyone To Get Hurt On The Bus For Money Cause Trust Me The Pain Is Unbearable And Worse When It's Too Cold And Then Move To The Heat)

  13. How long does it takes for a insurance adjuster to get your medical records when they tell your attorney to sign a release form for them?

  14. Hey Jz I enjoy your videos my friend . I need your opinion, I was a passenger in a Uber and we were struck from the rear by a truck , the truck was pushed into us by another car . I ended hurting my back and rupturing my Achilles , I go for my surgery date this Friday . I’ve been off from work for over a month how much do u think I should take on settlement day . I also can’t go back to work until I’m fully healed because I’m a truck driver and I do a lot of lifting and walking .

  15. Great job on a super high settlement for this case! That’s why you are a good lawyer.

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