Area 51 Raid: What would happen, legally speaking? – Real Law Review

Area 51 Raid: What would happen, legally speaking? - Real Law Review

Please don’t storm Area 51. #NotLegalAdvice, just common sense.
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What if 1 million people actually storm Area 51?
So it’s apparently a thing that there is a push on social media to invade Area 51. This is not a good idea. Area 51 is part of a US Air Force base. The US military has guns. Worse, they have lawyers. If ya’ll storm Area 51, you’re going to jail…for a long time.

Check out RealLifeLore’s great video on why it’s practically impossible to actually storm Area 51:

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20 thoughts on “Area 51 Raid: What would happen, legally speaking? – Real Law Review”

  1. So as long as it's a well publicized event they will not use lethal force unless absolutely necessary. If it was not a public event people would die?

  2. It’s too bad a lawyer, who is supposed to be neutral age objective, started out his analysis by referring to the potential stormers as “idiots”. They might just as well be referred to as “citizens”.

  3. Objection: Assault rifle is not a legal term, or an actual type of firearm, assault rifle is a term created by media news outlets

  4. I love he said “what would happen if a group of idiots”…. yes these people are idiots Area 51 contains nothing more than advanced military tech …. anybody claiming otherwise are just attention seeking lonely mentally ill morons and should be given no place to spread their paranoia propaganda… damn tin hat weed smoking or poor mentally ill idiots

  5. I know of Area 51… but to take alien talk so seriously? That's crazy! Aliens? Too much Netflix leftist television?
    By investigating their source of funds, you know who is behind it. Someone foreign? Who first suggested storming the place.

  6. Oh you kooky alien hunters. I don't doubt that there might be aliens out there, but the same laws of physics apply to them as well. I highly doubt that we've had any visitors and we may never make any contact.

  7. You can't arrest people who didn't see the trespass signs tho and you can't charge passenger's for something the driver did did this really happen? Who did it cause if innocent civilians were charged with a crime that they didn't commit or willingly committed it then they shouldn't be charged and turned out there was a court ruling or sumthin that if someone posted a trespass sign and the person didn't see it then they'd not know not to trespass and it's true if you didn't see the sign you didn't willingly or knowingly commit trespass but to commit trespass is to be warned to leave on the property and BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE without being held at gunpoint so technically in 2019 the government was wrong to do those things however I do believe they were justified because they were defending a us air force base but they had no right to hold unarmed civilian at gunpoint I don't believe that is legal at all because you literally threatened someone with a gun without probable cause and it's true tho they must be ordered to leave and be allowed to in this case they were held unlawfully and everyone was charged so it was actually okay for those bus passengers to be there but the driver even if he knowingly did it he alone committed a crime what about if he was holding hostage what is you're take on dis "mr lawyer man"

  8. I have actually trespassed a military base in my country by accident when i was in the military. The place where i was posted was changed and i didnt get the true info at needed time. I just showed up there and gave guards my id and other documents, they were confused and after they checked i was told what had happened and i was kinda pissed bc the place i went is very hard to reach and this was at the dawn of modern tecnology so it wasnt unreasonable to think id get that important info at time.

  9. no, aliens will never COME to earth because their already here. they've been with us throughout history.

  10. holy crap. very thorough research was made for this video. you can really tell what a difference a great lawyer makes

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