20 thoughts on “Appeals Court Says State Police Dog Bite Victim Can Sue”

  1. Retired is there best defense. Suppose that would have clamped down on his face or throat.

  2. I’m always amazed at how so many of these “trained” police dogs seem to have trouble listening to commands, especially when they attack the wrong people. Obeying commands should be flawless for a K-9 that’s being used as a deadly weapon. Guns have safeties, these dogs should have an equivalent.

  3. let off the leash these dogs are notorious for not getting their mark but someone else, police included. the dogs are only meant to track . its so irresponsible letting a trained fighting dog off its leash in a public space. just lucky it wasn't a child this time

  4. When our dogs bite people they put them to sleep. Put that dog to sleep and sue that piece of shit department

  5. Cops are all about accountability….for everyone except themselves.

    If innocent citizens can be mauled by a police dog and have no recourse, then America is a police state.

  6. Pay his medical bills n be done with it, how much stupidity does the state have to show for something like this.

  7. Hiding behind the color of law and being so hypocritical and indifferent about concerns for public safety, and expecting people to respect authority, which has no respect for people. I find it so ironic. Furthermore, using taxpayer dollars to defend what may be an unfortunate mistake that injured and innocent bystander simply because the officer couldn't control his canine partner is very concerning and disappointing. Do the right thing. Lead by example. You expect "Joe Public" to pay for his mistakes whether intentional or not. Well government agencies should do the same. Do a better job of training the canines and handlers. If that man had blood thinning meds, that could have been far more tragic. If it had been a small child or elderly person, far more serious damage may have been done. And before someone chimes in shouting, those situations are hypothetical, well so is the law when it comes to dealing with hypothetical scenarios. WHAT IF?

  8. he’s guilty a something or the dog wouldna bit. he’s lucky he wasn’t charged for hindering a felony pursuit.

  9. So being attacked by a dog could put you in legitimate fear for your life. As a person who had done nothing wrong and was attacked by an "Officer", what would of happened if he had killed the dog?

  10. how can you look forward to a vigorous defense of making a massive error and someone being hurt because of it. I ask again, what is the point of the police, if they have no duty to protect our lives or serve us in anyway? Why are we paying for this service and its completely broken? That makes no sense to me as a businessman or as a citizen. If a private security company was running your life, able to mess your life by accident and then has no duty to protect you or serve you , would you hire them?

    then why do we have these useless thugs in uniforms? I have plenty of guns and training. I don't need them to protect or my home. they come get the bodies of any intruders if they wish, but that's not a need. Its a service, a pay service. The only thing i need to be afraid of is some idiot cop shooting me in the back because the wind blew up my jacket and he saw the outline of my legally concealed weapon. We have to fix this horrible broken thing, instead of feeding billions of tax dollars into settling lawsuit like this one.

  11. So criminals have immunity from being called criminals… Sounds perfectly reasonable.

  12. I've always thought using police dogs was a bad idea. Dogs are animals (duh); you can't control them the way you can control humans, and certainly not like you can control inanimate objects like guns, billy clubs, tasers, etc. It's not necessary to use dogs, and it's too dangerous.

    In order to effectuate an arrest, a cop has many different methods and tools at his disposal. The cop can grab the suspect, wrestle him to the ground if necessary, use a taser or pepper spray, etc. All without inflicting serious injury. What can a dog do? All he can do is bite the suspect, causing injury. If a human cop used that level of force and caused that amount of injury just to arrest a suspect, he'd get sued for violating the suspect's civil rights. But if a dog does it, it's okay?

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