An Introduction to the Kiley Law Firm, Kiley, Kiley and Kiley, PLLC

Kiley, Kiley & Kiley, PLLC is a full service law firm practicing in all areas of personal injury, medical malpractice, employment discrimination, real estate, business transactions, estate planning, estate administration, matrimonial and general legal matters. We have been fighting for the rights of accident victims and the victims of medical malpractice and employment discrimination for over 35 years. Since our dad, Donald T. Kiley, Sr., founded the firm in 1974, we grew up watching him care for his clients and the community he served. We carry on this tradition of service to the community and practice law with the motto, “We are family and that’s how we treat our clients.”

A Marketplace hidden camera investigation reveals nursing home abuse and violence

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20 thoughts on “An Introduction to the Kiley Law Firm, Kiley, Kiley and Kiley, PLLC”

  1. I worked at a assisted living this is only the tip of the ice berg. Elderly people are not treated like human in these places only checks FACTS . Staff is over worked and under paid !!!

  2. People who treat elderly people awfully forget they will be old one day too. U reap what you sow .

  3. When I graduated from nursing school my first job was at a nursing home and I quit after two weeks . I urge people to NEVER put your loved ones in LTC facilities. A lot of nurses, aids and doctors don’t care and facilities are so short staffed . I’ve witnessed so much neglect it’s ridiculous!

  4. If that was my family member. Oh dear god. Those people. God judges everyone in the end, he may show mercy, I will not.

  5. It boils down to the money, people run these facilities not to care for someone BUT TO MAKE A PROFIT.

  6. If work there I treat them like there my family 😊❤️💙🖤♥️💗 they're need love, care , they're you can't treat like dirt.😕 My brother is like this and he stay on my care. If something happen to my brother if was there I would… Well you now have a nice long chat😾😷😿

  7. Them low income workers hate you that can afford to pay for the service. If they served food they spit in it.

  8. Why would people do this to an elder person!? This is horrible! They really need to stop. He/She is so innocent. This make me cry for hours! People need to stop, it’s not cute,funny,fun or Acceptable😢😢😢.

  9. I have done this in oz this is so true
    Heatbreaking and so wrong it's all about profit I left my job and work in there own houses now

  10. Why would a care worker pretend to be wonderful in front of family visitors then switcheroo, they’re wicked AND WITH A CAMERA in plain view ! Please relatives, place a live camera in your loved one’s room that you control.

  11. Are these ‘for profit’ homes or government run ? Cutting back to either profit or government funding is shrinking hence fewer & fewer workers on floor to achieve decent care.

  12. 13:15 who wants to change diareah making minimum wage. I went to college. I got my masters just so I would never be a loser who has to clean elderly diareah diapers. LETS PAY NURSING HOME WORKERS PROPER PAY!!!! And they’ll do their job. ALSOOOOOO, don’t hire the dirt bags of society to take care of in-need humans.

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