A Mother's 7 Do's and Don'ts in a Custody Battle


This video explains the important steps a mother can take to improve her chances to stay connected with her children after a divorce, including:

1. Involved Parenting
2. Whether or not to take an Extreme Position
3. Taking Corrective Action on “Character Flaws”
4. Not making incriminating Evidence Against Yourself or Your Ex
5. Not Losing Self-Control in Public
6. Not Disparaging the Other Parent
7. Leaving the Children out of the Middle

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8 thoughts on “A Mother's 7 Do's and Don'ts in a Custody Battle”

  1. Shadow Silhouette says:

    What about father's? They are the ones that might need to do more

  2. xHeartHeartbreakx says:

    I’m planning on moving states to live with my family. I want my child with me. I’m worried.

  3. EldrichtPalmer says:

    Thank you so much for this video, forever grateful to Dom for helping with mine

  4. Datta Madane says:

    Family cort father custody case dismiss child is girl issue1 is the father one person welfare child. Finding is no isu no2 the child girl responbilry finding is no no3 issue is jurisdiction allow this family court finding yes …….very document submit tax pepr business mony house my to vitness me and my father so how to juj dismissed my case please help and solution me tips send

  5. Sean Baca says:

    Men should take all womens rights away from them.. women cannot control themselves or take care of kids.

  6. Kayla Ray says:

    I have a custody case coming and im so scare and nervous. I dont what if i losted my little boy. Im a good mom :(💔

  7. lee frazile says:

    These advices are not just for mothers, they are for everybody.

  8. RossSauce says:

    How to contest the other parents FALSE claim of residence in another County that makes me required to File Motion of Change Venue? They are lying about time spent out of town…

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