7 Tips to Find Best Immigration Lawyers

7 Tips to Find Best Immigration Lawyers

Welcome to this Free Immigration Help channel. Today, I wanted to make this video for you guys because day after day I get comments from people who are having problems with their immigration attorney or because of their immigration attorney. Here are a few tips that I believe will help you find immigration lawyer that will be right for your immigration process.

Keep these two principles in mind when you search for immigration attorney:

1. Know your case
2. You are the boss

How to find immigration lawyer in 5 steps:
1. Use Online resources
Search Google, Bing or whatever you use to research web for keywords like “immigration lawyer near me,” “immigration law firms near me,” “immigration law office near me,” “best immigration lawyer near me,” “immigration lawyer free consultation near me,” and/or “immigration attorney near me.” You can also search for “Avvo immigration attorney,” because Avvo is a pretty good source to find attorneys, view their ratings and even contact them directly.
Also, you might try being a little more case specific to find the immigration attorney that has more experience in the right area, like “green card immigration lawyer.” Also, area specific search might give you better results, for example: “immigration lawyer Orlando.”

2. Make a list of 10 attorneys that you like the most… Call all of them!
3. Set up consultations with at least 5 of them. Keep in mind the immigration lawyer free consultation part.
4. After consultation, pick the top 3 to choose from. If you don’t have top 3, continue your search.
5. Know and negotiate the prices and terms of contract.

Tips to find the best immigration attorney, make sure that he/she:
1. Talks to you on the phone. Doesn’t keep his/her cards closed.
2. Offers free consultation.
3. Does not guarantee anything.
4. Does not try to scare you into hiring him/her.
5. Doesn’t make you feel stupid.
6. Upfront about terms of contract and prices.
7. Does not charge unlimited hours and hidden fees.

So, hopefully this video is helpful to you. If you have any questions, you can drop them in the comments below and I will be happy to address them. Thanks for watching.
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  1. What email address I can send email to uscis to remind them I still waiting for 6 years in asylum pending. Thank you

  2. Hello sir. I applied for asylum case on 02 June 2020. After 180 days I applied for work permit after consulting lawyer. And now I received a denial from USCIS mentioned that you can't apply for the EAD before 365 days of application of asylum case. Our lawyer didn't guide us about 365 clock . He said you can apply anytime after 150 days and we did so. Please sir what can I do next to get EAD as I don't trust my attorney anymore.

  3. This is wonderful. I’m doing just this because at the end of the day they are using paralegals and honestly sometimes I feel I know more than she does.

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