50 Cent gives Rick Ross some advice about child support.

Legal Advice Lawyer, Steven Medearis talks about Child Care reimbursement in this segment of the Trust Factor show. Steven also answers questions in other videos relating to: community property and how it is divided up, as well as, how child support works.
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20 thoughts on “50 CENT GIVES ADVICE ON CHILD SUPPORT (2/2)”

  1. @Hanson Willard  ….. The fact of being a celebrity and rich doesn't give way for someone to be abused.  It does not take $17Million per year to live a healthy life.   This woman was not his ex, so it is strictly child support.  Clearly,  she will be living off her kids wealth.      I say there needs to be MAX amount that goes to the custodial parent for actual child-support.  The rest goes into a trust fund for the kid when they turn 18.      A lot of these kids of celebrities are dead broke when they turn 18 because mommy spent all the money.

       Also note .. Bill Gates makes 10x more than  50cent per year.  And the money he gaves away isn't all his.  He knows how to raise money. In addition….. he is not giving $17Million to one person every single year just because they had a kid together.

  2. Ok I feel for men and women struggling to make ends meet to pay child support and take care of their kids, but not some fucking celebrity that is worth 260 million and whining about child support! WTF! If I had that kind of money I would not complain about jackshit and would make sure my ex and child had a house to live in and never have to worry about anything! Shit Bill Gates gives away more money a year to people he doesn't even know and charities than 50 cent give to his own kid SMH greedy!

  3. I'm defending myself since 2006 I had learn the hard way that you could modified anything in court but you have to be persistence and demonstrate in writing all that the judges did to favor your ex- wife, on April 25, 2013 I have a hearing in Miami to get custody of my children. Check this on YouTube "Dads House Ed Ctr". A massive law suit will put a stop to all this abuse. If you live in Miami area, have any new ideas or want to know how I did it you could write me at luissanchez74@live.com

  4. You do not need to pay expensive lawyers to settle for less. If you put your children's rights first you are in the right track, it will favor you in the long run trust me (Sad but true this is a cold heart system). is a long process when you don't know what your doing that's why you have to educate yourself and declare the war to those that mess with your kids including but not limited to moms, police, judges, schools, children & family, doctors, dentist, etc. the techniques I used are paying.

  5. This Child Support scam is so big you hear about it more than any venereal disease. Child Support is the beginning of the end. Custodial parents are being murdered left and right. Children are being left without parents. Non-Custodial parents are committing suicide, abandoning the country or worse killing! The financial burden is resting more on the tax payer while the agency fudges the numbers to make it look as if the system works. System is collapsing on itself.

  6. If I didn't know any better the law acts wonderfully to further destroy families and force parents to turn against each other. IT's not as if the child support laws are fair (deadbeat dads forced to help out). Instead it is a system where the women get a free check with no accountability on how they use the money for the child. I exaggerate not. Very similar to when you want to create a divide, you offer one side easy money to turn on someone. It works all the time.

  7. I hate to say this, but as a man in this day an age, you need to be ruthless, because the women are ruthless. Don't fall in love, don't get married. Just hit it (wearing a condom of course) then when you get tired of her, bounce. No strings, not affection, just get the fuk out!!! It's seems the system punishes men who try to do the right thing the most, so don't be that man if you want to survive effectively. Sad, but seems to be the way to go…

  8. @makeupbeetch007 no one said all black mothers..he said a high percentage or whatever. The facts are that there are both deadbeat mothers and fathers. Fathers always gets the title of deadbeat, while there are alot of good fathers out there…and there are deadbeat moms out there that hardly every get talked about.

  9. @mistaterronmack here is my advice : close your legs
    +++ dont have babies you cannot afford expecting your exs money and / or governments help while saying im soooo independent if its only YOUR choice then it should be ONLY your responsibility

  10. @mistaterronmack here is my advice : close your legs
    +++ dont have babies you cannot afford expecting your exs money and / or governments help while saying im soooo independent

  11. @justicecarly 99 percent of black women are the same but that 1
    percent they are queens on a pedestal

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