5 Things to Know About Your Final Hearing in Family Law Court

Lead Counsel Marck Joseph, Esq answers common Family Law questions. For assistance with your legal matter, visit http://thejosephfirmpa.com, email: thejosephfirmpa@gmail.com or call (305) 501-0992.

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Attorney Marck Joseph is a member of the Dade County Bar Association, The Broward County Bar Association, the Wilkie D. Ferguson Bar Association, and the Haitian Lawyers Association and acts as a mentor through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Miami. Marck Joseph knows how important family matters are, as well as the sometimes devastating consequences that can come from an ugly legal battle. Attorney Joseph handles each case with sensitivity and care, putting your best interests first.

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5 thoughts on “5 Things to Know About Your Final Hearing in Family Law Court”

  1. Ha ha … wake up people …. its all about how much the lawyers can DRAIN you ! Its all a big SCAM . They are all in on it . Take this fact to your emptied bank accounts when all is done . You loose , your kids loose … lawyer and system WINS ! REAL LIFE FACT .

  2. The Joseph Firm, P.A. I feel from the above video you have. Helpful but different circumstances. For me I'm a father in Wisconsin. I have 100 % primary placement.. It is bonded and agreed through the Wisconsin court system. Sadly it's a two year agreement. I'm sure you are aware of this anyway. Being said I did hire and retain an attorney who revised my agreement and the mother signed it. Again binding it into agreement. I plan to retain that attorney again but my question is was it all for not? I do not want my child displaced from my current arrangement and sad the mom is trying her way to show she is fit. All again I'm asking is do I truly yet still hold the cards?

  3. Had a temporary visitation order place July 2017 haven’t heard anything from the courts or from plaintiffs lawyer until nov 14 2018. We haven’t met up regarding any written agreements nor have we had a mediation. As stated haven’t had contact with lawyer in 1 yr 4 months . Just recently found out by an attorney I had a consultation with that the plaintiffs lawyer has now filed for a final hearing. I haven’t been mailed any certified letter stating court has been placed. But was advised I need to show up. I Checked with my local postal office and verified that I haven’t been sent any certified mail. Went online and found that court issued a dismal of my case based it was over 365 days (8/29/18) she refiled (9/24/18) and on 11/27/18 an order of cancellation of final hearing was placed I’m lost of what’s going on.

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