5 Huge Mistakes Personal Injury Victims Make (That Hurt Settlement)

Check out 5 huge mistakes that personal injury victims make. Learn them so that you don’t kill the settlement value of your case.

In one of my cases, I avoided making one of these mistakes.

The result?

We got a 5,000 settlement.

That is 5,000 more than the insurance company’s initial 0,000 offer!

In the video, you’ll get to hear which mistake I avoided.

You’ll also see how avoiding some of the other mistakes resulted in bigger settlements.

If you want to know more about these mistakes, watch this video.

If you ignore these 5 mistakes, the insurance company will take advantage of you.

These mistakes apply to claims for car accidents, motorcycle crashes, truck wrecks, Uber and Lyft accidents. Additionally, you’ll learn which mistakes to avoid in pedestrian accidents, slip and falls, and much more.

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  1. What do you think is a bigger mistake? (Believing the adjuster, or Making a Low Demand)

    I want to hear your answer in the comments below.

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  2. What's the average semi truck pay out for a neck n back injury, I just had a facuet injection and chiropractic

  3. I have a shattered ankle heal the pin that the pin that hold the akillies is on everything else gone. I have whiplash .,and ringing in my ears I cant move my neck but 25% my lower back is thrashed I ripped my rotator cuff so and I have lost part of my balance and if I use my hands more than 5 minutes they go numb and burn like fire

  4. so how does this work.. I have a lawyer and i'd ask them tomorrow but im curious now… my personal health insurance covered all treatments less the co-pay. when my case settles… do I just pay the co-pays… or will my lawyer repay my insurance company? or do they leave that all to me?

  5. So how much could i expect to recieve after a knee surgery and a spinal injection. Insur policy limits of 250k

  6. I lived in california i got rear on feb 2019 i did not realize i had a pre existing conditions on my neck and lower back degenerative conditions mri and ct scans came back but ringing in the ear keeps me loose my balance and concentration my lumbar at 4.5 have narrow so after rear it aggravated me so bad pain so i consulted attorneys which i believe im an egg shelf plaintiff but he told im not an egg shelf you think he has another plan for to claim not an egg shelf plaintiff ??thank you in advance .

  7. I got into a car accident it wasn't my fault I was injuried went to the chiropractor for two months missed work for two months and car was totaled had to ride bike and bus to get back and forth hired lawyer's from k&r they kept telling me I had a good case then at the very last minute they said it was nothing they could do as far as proving coverage even though the car was covered and the driver was covered the car was under his wife's insurance and he was covered under his insurance what can I do in a situation like this one my car is totaled and my insurance didn't even cover the whole vehicle please help!

  8. hi I was l knocked of my bike by taxie. I broke a rib dislocated my knee. and broke my thumb and a huge cut rite across my forehead from hitting wind screen with my face. I'm just wondering how much I would receive for this. my solicitor is wating to hear from the insurance company. also this was in the UK by the way

  9. I live in lakewood colorado i slipped on spilled coffee in the middle of mall ambulance came to take me i end up with broken tail bone. Small fracture lower spine what do i do some people tell me call the mall make a claim others say call lawyer idk what to do i was wondering if you had advice or New ANY good lawyers you cud recommend to me

  10. If you had just parked your car at the corner of your home and still sitting in your car and a large truck made a turn to close to your car and tore off the bumper and damaged your car. During that accident I had injured my neck due to me holding on the counsel because my car shook viciously. I have been in treatment for one year now due to my neck. What is the accident worth? Please let me know, what you think. By the way it was no fault of my own 100% other drivers fault.

  11. “Don’t pay us until we win your case”

    What about people who had a small accident. No one got injured but they hire lawyer and the lawyer send them to their doctor and the doctor writes down on the record that that person is serious injured to build a case. At the end, the supposedly injured person get &1000 and the rest is for the lawyer and the doctor. Lawyers and doctors stop making up injuries, be legit.

  12. OK I got hit by a semi. He fleed the seen. This was yesterday. 9.13.18. I've gotten a email from. My insurance company I couldn't open it but it had insurance adjuster…. Does this mean they found the other guy? And his insurance is trying to offer money…

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