#304 General Session III of UUA General Assembly 2015


UUA Moderator Jim Key presides as the business of the Association is conducted. Please refer to the Agenda at for details of the specific items which will be addressed.

1. To set the context, what do we know about a) Matthew? b) the themes in the gospel according to Matthew?

2. Matthew 24-25 is known as “the Olivet Discourse.” How does Matthew 24:1-3 “introduce” this “discourse?”

3. In the first two parables of Matthew 25, Jesus focuses on judgment on individuals who were unprepared for the coming of the Messiah. According to v. 32, who/what is the focus in this third passage/parable?

4. If this country was being judged by Jesus’ standards of caring for others, where do you think it would be placed—among the sheep or among the goats? Why?

5. While the poor are never explicitly mentioned in this passage, it is obvious that Jesus calls us to care for those in our communities who are lacking basic needs (e.g. food, clean water, clothing, shelter, access to health care). If you were to rank the ease/difficulty of meeting the needs listed here, which ones are a) easier b) harder to meet?

6. Do you see your faith as being more about a) adhering to a set of beliefs, or about b) acting in certain ways?
[Which does this passage seem to emphasize: faith as belief or faith as action?]

7. Why might “the King” (v. 40) refer to those who have been cared for as “brothers and sisters of mine”?
How can we also consider those in need as our brothers and sisters?

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