3 minute guide to choosing a lawyer

With so many lawyers how do you know how to choose a good lawyer? Roger Davie is a lawyer. Who will tell you how to choose a competent lawyer. This is an excellent. Idea that everyone should watch before they start their search for a lawyer. If you need an employment lawyer a criminal defense lawyer a family law lawyer a workers compensation lawyer or any other lawyer start with this short video. Roger Davie is Board Certified in labor and employment lawyer by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He has practiced law since 1985 and practices in El Paso, Texas and Las Cruces, New Mexico. While this video is a general how to video for hiring any lawyer – Mr. Davie specializes in wrongful termination, discrimination, race discrimination, age discrimination and disability discrimination. And work injuries.
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  1. The Robing Room ~ Check it out people! Sounds dirty… but it's Yelp for the courtroom! Only better. You are completely anonymous! If you have ever been to court. Go,! Rate That Judge…Now…… Seriously…….. Tell your Mom….She can tell her friends…..Tell your buddy… the one that got the DUI……and the old man up the street…. & you get it!!! We The People!!!

  2. "But is it legal?" All 80's game show style. Average Joes with pending cases submit scenrio's. Students/Professors duke it out for the best answer based on the venue & the talent.

  3. You seem very level-headed. Even trust worthy somehow… Sorry, no offense. I never thought I would need a lawyer. But admitting you have a problem is the first step. I am a budding activist in a horrible position. I need a lawyer in LA or SF. I am halfway between with friends on both ends. If you could recommend someone local. Or about what $1000 will get me? I am hoping at least help on some FOIA request. Or should I make friends with some law students/professors? Do a survey called

  4. How would you choose a lawyer for a mass tort such as the Camp Fire? How do you feel about attorneys who take on thousands of clients at once as opposed to an attorney who will only take 500 clients for the Camp Fire? Do you feel that will influence the outcome?

  5. I'm looking for lawyer to deal with my debt. I have the money now to pay it back but can't find a lawyer who specialises in it.

  6. Hey I have been El Paso many of times! Love it! My girlfriend of 16 years and her family lives there! How cool! =) Just shooting some pranks and wanting to know for sure I am Legal! =)

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