$210K Truck Accident Settlement (Shoulder Labrum Tear)


See why a truck driver got 0,000 in less than 2 years after another truck rear ended him. He claimed that the crash caused or aggravated his shoulder labrum tear.

The injured trucker also had herniated discs.

Travelers and Progressive paid the 0K settlement.

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6 thoughts on “$210K Truck Accident Settlement (Shoulder Labrum Tear)”

  1. John Morales says:

    Hey I been an a truck accident which he was at fault it hit my rear driver side and totaled my little truck how long is it gonna take to settle it’s been two years and I’m still waiting everything is done on my end ?

  2. Jay Hwang says:

    I only got half that and I was a pedestrian hit by car. Torn labrum and subsequent arthrosis that will likely affect me for life. My lawyer kept telling me to man up and brave my injuries and stop asking for handouts. Quit my job as a property manager and be a librarian if my injuries prevents me from doing too much physical labor. Was my lawyer incompetent? Do I deserve more? I did not do surgery even though my surgeon recommended it because I don't like the idea of going under the knife. I didn't rack up enough bills I guess…mainly because I was depressed for a whole year over my dominant shoulder injury. I did not have much work as well prior to the accident. I was still a student.

  3. Olivier A says:

    A case of a car accident. Other party at fault. My vehicule total loss. Went to chiropractor 40 times he charged roughly 17k, they found out i had a small discal hernia. Went to neurologist 15 times, they found out I had some white marks on my brain MRI due to the impact. Total cost of Medical treatment is around 30k. Without counting the days of work I lost. Treatment took around 4 months and the other party bodily injury coverage is 100k. How much do you think I will make out of that case?

  4. Mc001Rem002 says:

    I got $15000… $10000 in hand… it was bad… i got robbed…. ask why….

  5. Kaiser so&so says:

    I was In a accident with a semi truck also. My treatment took a year, and were still trying to settle. Just curious, how long could this take, and what's the least I could expect from a payout. I also had surgery on my shoulder.

  6. JZ helps (a Florida injury law firm) says:

    Do you think that my client was fairly compensated for his shoulder injury?

    Do you think that it’s a big deal that the case settled without a lawsuit?

    Please let me know in the comments below.

    Please like this video, and subscribe to my channel.

    It means the world to me!

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