10 Signs You Should Become A Lawyer

Getting admitted to study in the university is tough. Deciding on what degree to study is perhaps tougher. Your mum wants you to be a doctor. Your dad thinks engineering is more suiting, given your math skills. Then there’s your uncle who thinks architecture is your calling because he once saw you sketch a nice house. But an inner voice has been telling you studying law won’t be a bad idea. Hmmmm… these can be all too much for your inexperienced self and you may end up studying a course you have little passion for.

So in today’s video we’ll look at why Law might just be your calling and 10 signs that you should consider become one. If you are new to this channel, you are welcome. Consider subscribing to After School Africa to continue exploring opportunities.

Keep in mind that just ticking off one or two of these signs is not enough reason to consider pursuing a career in law. You need a combination of at least five of these signs to make the grade.

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20 thoughts on “10 Signs You Should Become A Lawyer”

  1. All of these points are applicable to me just except keeping secrets part its just a little hard for me . I can read a 700 page page book awake in the middle of the night in just 2 hours or even less .

  2. 1. Depends on the content of the book.
    2. Depends if the event or story is interesting.
    3. I dnt love arguing, I argue when I need to.
    4. I do stand for wat I believe.. But people starts criticizing me.. So sumtimes my believes waver.
    5.uff… Confidences oozes out of my body… But if I m wid sumone who dominates me I feel nervous.. Ya there re sum people who can dominate me…
    6. Let's skip to next.
    7.i do… But mostly weird stuffs.
    8.ya.. I enjoy debates…. Only wid frends… Not on stage n in front of everyone..
    9. Ha ha ha… Time management…. Y did a gamer like me took law… It's still a mystery.
    10.😅trying… But… U know a women's heart is a deep ocean of secret.
    Watever it is.. Am still a law student.. Sad but true

  3. One essentiel skill is to improve your reading, that is to be able to understand complicated and difficult language. This is in my opinion 70% pct of law school.

  4. i score five and a half, half bcs of my time management skills. why did my parents raise a proclaimed lolololol

  5. Must be a workhouse. Live, sleep and breathe the law. If you don't have that, nothing else matters. Attorney Steve®

  6. To everyone who is reading this right now (that wants to be a lawyer), hey, I want you to comeback here after 10 years, alright? After that 10 years, i'll be here, too. I hope we all do well! Goodluck, everyone! ❤❤

  7. Even I have 6-7 qualities and I have been selected for the law school too but I'm very confused about it. I never wanted to become a lawyer literally! ..

  8. 9/10 and im 14, dreaming to become one of the top criminal defence lawyers in the UK. Hope you remember my name when i get there 😉

  9. When he said your mom wants you to be a doctor and your dad wants you in engineering….OKAY LET'S CONTINUE

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